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Home and Interiors

Colour and texture are really important for interior designs and home use so we have a huge range to choose from - plus really strong bannister ropes.

StairsRope bannisters look great - we stock a range of thicknesses and colours.
Carpet and stair edgingWe recommend Jute or Flax Hemp. Synthetic alternatives include Synthetic Hemp. Here are some customer supplied images of our 30mm Jute in use 
Pictures, light pulls, blindsMost people choose a Braided Nylon Cord, a Coloured Polypropylene Cord or 8-plait Polyester.
Sash windowsOur traditional Jute Cord has a polypropylene core for added strength.
Colourful solutionsOur full range of Cords cover many household and interior design uses. We recommend you browse. Cotton Ropes in red, white and black are great for decorative flourishes. We also supply Polycotton Dyed Rope which is synthetic but soft like real cotton, in a wide range of colours.

Our Polypropylene Ropes also come in a wide range of colours.

Another option for interior decor is our range of Magicians Ropes - which do the trick!
Natural look /feelTry our Natural Ropes and Garden / Outdoors sections of our Rope Chooser.