Lines, Twines & Webbing for Sailing Boats | Ropes Direct

Lines, Twines & Webbing

We stock a handy range of the lines, twines, webbing and sundries needed by Yacht and Dinghy sailers alike.

  • Mouse Lines - 3mm braided cord to guide thicker ropes through masts and other tight spaces.
  • Mini Spools - Handy lengths of 8-plait 2mm & 3mm cords wound on weatherproof plastic spools.
  • Whipping Twine - 3-strand twisted waxed polyester in a range of sizes and colours - perfect for finishing your splice.
  • Marlin Twine - Tarred flax twine for caulking and other on-board uses.
  • Webbing - Strong polyester webbing for Bouyancy Bags and Toestraps.
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