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Polyester Braid & Rope

Polyester Braid & Rope

We have a comprehensive range of Polyester Ropes and Braids, manufactured by Kingfisher, an industry-leading company known for its high-performance products, all available for an incredibly affordable price.

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    A range of high-end polyester ropes

    As a UK leading supplier, we stock many types of Polyester Rope to suit all requirements and applications. These include:

    1. 8-plait Polyester rope

    This is a general-purpose, low-cost rope that’s particularly ideal as a flagpole rope or mouse line. With a sturdy 8-plait construction, it’s strong and durable, yet surprisingly flexible. It comes in various diameters, from 2-6mm, in black or white, and can be bought either by the metre or wound onto 100 metre or 1000 metre reels.

    1. Polyester rope

    A popular choice for a wide range of boating applications.

    This is a 3-strand polyester rope, available in white, black, navy blue and natural. You can choose diameters ranging from 8-24mm depending on the colour – all by the metre to meet your specific needs or on 100 metre reels.

    1. Pre-stretched Polyester rope

    Just as the name suggests, this particular polyester rope has been pre-stretched by the manufacturer to ensure it is very ‘low-stretch’. This makes it a fantastic option for general use. Sold by the metre, it comes in 3-12mm diameters, and is a strong and hardwearing product.

    1. Braid-on-braid Polyester rope

    We also stock double braid polyester rope, in a variety of popular colours and patterns.

    These are incredibly easy to splice and offer excellent flexibility and resistance to abrasion. As such, they’re a firm favourite amongst sailors and boat builders. Available in a range of diameters, from 6-14mm; they can either be cut to length to match your requirements or supplied on 100 metre reels.

    1. Matt Polyester rope

    Another braided polyester rope, but this time, with a high-grip staple polyester cover and soft matt finish. Not only is this product easy to handle and knot, it doesn’t reflect any light – making it great for film, stage and theatre applications.  Available in black and white (with blue flecks), in 6-14mm diameters, you can either buy it by the metre or on 100 metre reels.

    1. Docklines and Mooring Lines

    Our 10 metre docklines come in three popular sizes – 12mm, 14mm, and 16mm – with a 30cm spliced eye at one end and colour-matched whipping at the other. Our Mooring Lines come in 6m and 12m lengths. These are braided polyester ropes and therefore benefit from durability, flexibility, and a high break load. You can also choose a range of colours including black, navy blue, and white.

    1. Dinghy ropes

    Ideal for use as dinghy control lines, these come in a blue, red or white pattern, with a braided construction and low-stretch polyester core. 3.5mm in diameter. And to perfectly meet your needs, they’re sold by the metre, with a continuous maximum length of 100m.


    Our Polyester rope is made by Kingfisher, one of the most recognised brand names in the world of boating and sailing. This is your assurance that you’re buying a superior product.

    All of the ropes and cords in this range demonstrate excellent resistance to UV rays, abrasion and rot. And although they will sink (with a specific gravity of 1.38g/cm3), they demonstrate low water absorption and are perfectly suited to marine-based applications. And the best bit? As a purely online retailer, we’re able to sell them at a competitive price, with fast delivery.

    We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and we’re always pleased to help. Perhaps you’re unsure which type of Polyester rope to buy? Send a quick email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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