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Nylon Rope & Cord

Nylon is strong, resists abrasion and UV, and sinks in water. This makes it ideal for winching, towing and all sorts of water-based applications.

Here at RopesDirect we have a range of styles and sizes to suit all needs. And the best bit? Our ropes are available at very competitive prices. Browse the full collection and find the perfect product for you.

    A comprehensive range of nylon cords

    Made by a trusted European partner, all of the nylon cords in our range comply with strict EN ISO 1140 standards. They’re made from the finest polyamide (or polyamid) fibres – and, as such, demonstrate superior quality and boast a wide range of useful properties. For example, they’re exceptionally strong and benefit from elasticity, shock absorbency, UV and abrasion resistance, and a 215°C melting point.

    We currently stock three main varieties of nylon rope, including:

    1. 3-strand nylon rope

    This is sold by the metre, in 220m coils and wound on 220m cardboard reels (in diameters ranging from 6-20mm). It has a simple 3-strand construction. Yet, it’s incredibly tough and is most commonly used for high-strength applications – such as lifting, towing, mooring and winching. Each rope comes with left and right heat-sealed ends as standard. But you can also choose to have them whipped, soft spliced or hard spliced.

    1. 8-strand nylon rope

    Just as the name suggests, this has a complex 8-strand weave – and, as a result, is also known as multi-plait or octo-plait nylon cord. It’s available in 10mm, 12mm and 14mm diameters and sold by the metre (with a maximum length of 100m) to meet your requirements.

    1. Braided nylon cord

    Boasting a 16-plait braided construction, this is a multi-purpose nylon cord – perfect for picture hanging, brick lines, light pulls, window blind cords and more. It comes in white, cream, green and black and is sold in various diameters (1.5-5mm), on 132m and 500m cardboard spools.

    There’s a product in this collection to suit most jobs and projects.

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