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Coir Boat Fenders

Coir Boat Fenders

Our traditional Coir Boat Fenders are handmade for us in India. Natural fibres are extracted from the outside husk of a coconut to form Coir. There's more information below.


CoirBoat Fenders

What is Coir?

Made for thousands of years in India’s coastal regions, Coir rope is a strong, durable and water-resistant rope made with the fibres from the husk of a coconut.

Once processed and twisted into rope, it becomes particularly durable and water-resistant. It has been popular in marine applications since before written history – famously lightweight, waterproof and resistant to salt water damage. Therefore it's perfect for wrapping into tough, protective boat fenders - indeed coir rope is considered by many to be the ideal fender rope.

Coir is inexpensive to make and lightweight, meaning RopesDirect can offer Coir Boat Fenders at a very competitive price – made even lower by the fact that we sell only online, so we're not passing on shop costs to you!


How is Coir Rope Made?

Coir is traditionally made along the coastline of India, where coconut palms are easy to cultivate and process. White Coir fibres from unripe coconuts form most of the world’s Coir production, while the brown fibres from mature coconuts, which are considerably harder and tougher, are used more commonly in matting, sacking and brushes. More than 60% of the world supply of white Coir comes from Pollachi and Kerala State in India, while Sri Lanka produces 30% and takes the crown as the world’s largest exporter of Coir fibre.

To make rope, first the hard external shell of the coconut is cut away, exposing the fibre-covered inner coconut. These husks are soaked or suspended in water to soften the fibres, preparing them for beating and separation, before being cleaned and dried, and finally spun into yarn.

From here, the Coir rope-making process is the same as the weaving and twisting of other types of rope, depending on the ropes you need. Then to make boat fenders, the ropes are knotted and woven together, creating a strong, durable fender that is lightweight, resistant to seawater and strong enough to protect your boat from impacts! 

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