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White Staplespun Rope sold by the metre

White Staplespun Rope sold by the metre

White Staplespun Polypropylene rope, sold cut to length by the metre.

This white spun staple rope has the appearance and construction of old, traditional, natural ropes but with the strength, abrasion and wear-resistance of synthetic materials.

It is superior to standard Polypropylene rope - polypropylene fibres are spun into yarns before being twisted into the finished 3-strand rope. This gives a softer but more hairy finish which is strong and easy to handle or grip when wet or dry.

It floats in water, it is resistant to rotting and it is strong and flexible. These qualities make it ideal for use as a mooring rope, for towing, with gin wheels as a scaffolders rope, and in marquees, big tops and tents.It is light and easy to splice (we can do this for an additional charge – see our Rope End Finishes category).

Made in Europe by an ISO 9002 certified manufacturer.

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