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Jute Rope, Cord & Twine

Jute Rope, Cord & Twine

Jute Rope

Budget-friendly, jute rope is amazingly versatile. It is used in shop displays, on farms, in homes and gardens.

Jute is a plant fibre, spun into strands which are then wound into one rope. However each strand in our Jute rope has a polypropylene (synthetic) core. So it looks and feels entirely natural but with added strength.

If you're also looking at Flex Hemp rope, then this is a cheaper alternative.

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    Jute rope to suit all needs and preferences

    We currently stock jute rope in diameters ranging from 4mm-36mm, so whatever you have in mind, we’re bound to have the ideal thickness for what you are doing. 

    In addition, we also have:

    Whichever option you choose, quality is guaranteed.

    Our main jute rope and cords are manufactured by trusted European partners and made to the highest possible standard. They are a 3-strand or 4-strand construction, with a natural jute outer and a robust Polypropylene core, so they are soft and comfortable to handle yet also very strong and tough.

    Our jute string and 10m hanks of jute sash cord are 100% natural, with both a jute outer and core – they’re hard-wearing, heat-resistant and flexible.

    The end of each rope is bound with PVC tape as standard, however different rope end finishes are also available. All of our jute ropes for sale are continuously stocked in the warehouse – which means they are always ready for fast delivery. Orders placed by 12pm, will be collected by our couriers for their next day delivery service (as a precaution we always ask customers to allow 1-2 working days - our couriers are absolutely superb but we're all human!)

    Want to know more about our jute rope and cords?

    Our website is a knowledge base. So if you have a question about any of the jute ropes or cords available, be sure to take a look around. There is plenty of information to give you ideas in our “Be Inspired” section. Our handy online tool, RopeFinder, can help you to identify the best product for your requirements.

    But if you’re still unsure and would like tailored advice on which jute rope to buy, you’re welcome to email info@ropesdirect.co.uk.


    What is jute rope?

    Essentially, jute rope is a type of rope that is made from a natural, vegetable fibre – called jute.

    Jute is harvested from the bark of a jute plant, such as Corchorus olitorius or Corchorus capsularis. The individual fibres are very long, soft and shiny. However, they can be tightly spun into a thread that is both strong and coarse, and used to create either three-strand or four-strand rope.

    Due to its natural construction, jute rope has a traditional ‘sandy brown’ appearance but can be easily coloured at home using standard fabric dyes. This means it’s a fantastic option for decorative applications. It also boasts a number of other useful properties:

    • biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
    • lightweight
    • durable
    • resistant to heat
    • resistant to UV light
    • supple and flexible
    • soft to touch
    • suitable for knotting (with good knot retention)


    What can jute rope be used for?

    Essentially, jute rope is a low-cost alternative to hemp rope. The two are very similar in terms of their characteristics and, as such, they can be used for many of the same applications.

    For example, within the home, jute rope is often used for gardening, decking and interior design – perhaps installed as a contemporary staircase bannister or to create a unique shelving unit. Commercially, it can be used as gymnasium rope, tug-of-war rope, farm work rope, and more. It’s also regularly used within the retail industry for creating shop window displays.


    Do jute ropes shrink when wet?

    Yes. As they are made from natural fibres, jute ropes  quickly absorb water and expand in width, which causes them to shrink in length. Therefore, when buying this type of rope for an outdoor application, where they are likely to get wet on a continuous or regular basis, we recommend adding a minimum of 10-15% extra to the total length of jute rope that you require.


    How long does jute rope last?

    One of the main benefits of jute rope is durability.

    It is flexible, resistant to heat and UV light, and – whether used indoors or outdoors – will last for many years without an issue. But it’s important to keep in mind, jute is a natural fibre – and, as a result, it’s susceptible to certain environmental factors.

    To maximise its lifespan, it will need proper care and attention. To summarise, it’s important to keep them dry, clean them regularly and store them correctly. Detailed information on how to care for natural ropes can be found in our blog.


    Is jute suitable for use as gymnasium rope?

    Absolutely. All of our jute ropes benefit from a synthetic polypropylene core, which makes them robust and strong. However, thanks to their natural jute outer, they’re still incredibly soft to touch and comfortable enough for prolonged handling.

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