Ready-made Docklines & Mooring lines at Low Prices!

Dockline & Mooring Lines

Dockline & Mooring Lines

Our Docklines have a braided 3-strand Polyester cover with a braided Nylon core and come in  12mm, 14mm, 16mm in 10m lengths. Each has a 30cm spliced eye at one end, and colour-matched whipping at the other. These are made by the renowned rope firm Kingfisher.

Our Mooring Lines are 100% 3-strand Polyester for excellent durability and UV resistance. They come in two lengths, 6m and 12m and each has a 25cm/30cm spliced eye at one end and colour-matched whipping at the other. RopesDirect make these to order at our UK warehouses.

Whichever option you choose, all of our braided docklines are made by Kingfisher. As such, they’re of the highest quality and demonstrate the same beneficial features:

  • flexible and soft to handle
  • good abrasion resistance
  • resistant to rot, mildew and chemicals (including acids)
  • high UV resilience
  • don’t lose any strength when wet
  • don’t float on water
  • low stretch and low creep



Dockline and Mooring Line FAQs

Why shop with us for braided docklines?

Kingfisher is one of the most recognised names in the sailing industry, known for their superior mooring lines, marine ropes and yacht ropes. Which means when you shop with us for boat docklines, you can expect a premium product – manufactured to the highest standard.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

That’s why, we like to stock a comprehensive range of docklines – with the ideal product to suit all boating needs – and always ensure our warehouse levels are continuously maintained.

As an exclusively online supplier, we’re able to offer braided docklines at competitive prices (that are extremely difficult to beat!). Plus we can operate a very fast turnaround. Just order by noon and we will have your new rope packaged, processed and on its way to you the same day. It’s usually delivered next working day in most of the UK.

We’re also a pretty friendly bunch, with in-depth knowledge of our product range. Our website is packed full of advice to ensure you select the right dockline for your needs. But if you’re unsure, our in-house experts are more than happy to help with your purchase.


Which size do I need?

This is determined by several factors. But the most important is the length of your boat. Generally speaking, the longer your boat is, the thicker the braided dockline that you’ll require.

To give you an idea, the average hull lengths for the three sizes we stock are listed below. If your boat falls somewhere in between these categories, it’s usually worth opting for the bigger diameter – just to be on the safe side. For particularly heavy boats (relative to their length), we also recommend going one size up (e.g. a 14mm boat dockline for a ~33ft hull length).

However, please keep in mind these are only a rough guide – and before placing your order, please do further research or contact your boat manual to ensure you select the right size for your specific needs.








Is braided polyester a good choice for docklines?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s regarded as the all-round best option for mooring a boat. It offers superior strength and durability, even when subjected to prolonged or repeated stress. It can resist wear and tear, particularly UV and abrasion. It absorbs very little water and doesn’t shrink when wet.

Polyester itself isn’t very elasticated. However, all of our docklines have a double-braided construction – with a polyester cover and, importantly, a braided nylon core. This nylon core gives it a little bit of essential stretch. Therefore, it’s the perfect combination for a boat dockline.

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