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Rope Ladders

Rope Ladders

Rope Ladders

Looking to update your children’s play area? Why not add a rope ladder?

This is a fantastic way to introduce a new element of fun to your garden. And as part of our ‘Play is Fun!’ collection we have a comprehensive range to choose from. Just select the best one for your outdoor space and encourage your child’s adventurous side this summer.

There is more information to help you choose at the bottom of this page.

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A rope ladder for every child and garden

Our rope ladders for sale are pre-made from the highest quality materials, including:

  • treated hardwood rungs (400mm width)
  • 12mm synthetic hemp rope
  • galvanised steel rings

Various sizes are available, including wooden rope ladders with five, six, or seven rungs. These measure 1.95m, 2.10m and 2.45m in length, respectively, and can be adjusted with extension ropes. Therefore, whatever the age of your children, there is bound to be something to suit your needs.

All of our rope ladders demonstrate excellent strength and durability. Not only are they safe enough for regular use, they are designed to withstand long-term outdoor exposure – and, if secured to a stable and sturdy base, will last for many years. Yet they are also very soft and pleasant to touch.

If you are looking to repair a children’s rope ladder, or perhaps make your own, we also stock a variety of rope ladder accessories (e.g. extension ropes, swing hooks) and replacement wooden rungs. These rungs come pre-drilled, for use with either 10mm or 12mm rope, and are a quick and easy way to restore an existing piece of equipment or creating a new rope ladder from scratch. Take a look at our How to make a rope ladder article.


Ready to treat the kids to a new rope ladder?

Take a look through our full online collection. Once you have decided on the best product for you, just pop it in your basket and checkout. Orders placed before midday will be delivered the next day, and your new kid’s rope ladderwill be up-and-running and ready to enjoy in no time.

If you have a question about the rope laddersavailable, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Why not send an email to and we will get back to you.



How much is a rope ladder?

This depends on whether you buy a pre-assembled rope ladder or choose to make one yourself. But either way, our prices are very competitive. Our ready-made wooden rope ladders cost £40.86 – £55.80 depending on the size chosen. And for those who wish to take the DIY route, individual wooden rungs are available for £5.04 each and 12mm synthetic hemp for just 90p per metre.

All UK deliveries are made for a small and reasonable charge, which is calculated based upon the weight of your order. But if you would prefer to keep the cost down even further – and live nearby – you can also collect your new children’s rope ladder (for free) from our warehouse in Norfolk.


Are rope ladders easy to make and install?

Yes, absolutely. Our pre-made rope ladders do what they say on the tin. They come pre-made. There is no need to worry about putting the components together or ensuring the rungs are safely in place. The ladder is ready to install and can be easily secured to a branch using an extension rope.

It is also relatively easy to make your own wooden rope ladder, if that is what you would prefer, especially if you have the right materials and use our beginner’s guide. This explains step-by-step how to tie the rope and rungs together and secure them safely to a tree.


Should I buy a pre-made rope ladder or make my own?

Primarily, this depends on where you wish to install it.

Our largest pre-made rope ladder has seven rungs and measures 2.45m in length. This length can be increased slightly with the addition of an extension rope. However, if you wish to attach the children’s rope ladder to a particularly tall tree or climbing frame, you may need to purchase the components (i.e. synthetic hemp rope, wooden rungs, extension ropes) separately. That way, it is possible to create a bespoke rope ladder, that perfectly meets your requirements.

If size is not an issue, the decision simply comes down to personal preference. Making a rope ladder can be a fun project; and, with the help of our step-by-step guide, it is easy to achieve professional and impressive results. But if you are not a fan of DIY and would prefer a quicker, more convenient solution, our pre-assembled wooden rope ladders are likely to be the better option for you.

Rest assured, either way, our prices are very competitive and your new rope ladder will be of the highest quality – 100% safe, strong, and durable.


How should I ensure my rope ladder is safe?

Rope ladders are extremely lightweight and flexible, and they need the right technique to climb. To maintain balance, the user must learn to keep their body centred and evenly distribute their weight – otherwise, things can get a bit wobbly.

Here at RopesDirect, all of our children’s rope ladders are manufactured and approved for domestic use, in line with European safety standards. They are made using a combination of 12mm synthetic hemp – a strong yet soft-touch rope – and sturdy hardwood rungs. And providing the ladder is installed correctly, they can support users weighing up to 70kg (11 stone) with ease.

Children should be supervised by a responsible adult whilst climbing. But they are a great way to boost a child’s coordination, motor skills, and upper body strength and can provide hours of great fun.


How do I attach the rope ladder?

All of our pre-made wooden rope ladders are finished with galvanised steel rings. Which means, if you choose the correct size, they can be immediately added to an existing indoor or outdoor climbing frame. Just slide the steel rings onto your chosen apparatus and double-check it is fully secure before letting your child play.

If you would like to attach the ladder to a branch or tree house, we recommend using extension ropes. We currently stock three lengths: 1.20m, 1.80m, and 2.40m. These are all made using the same 12mm synthetic hemp used for the ladder itself – so they are just as safe and secure – with a hard spliced loop at one end and a traditional soft splice and quick link at the other. Simply guide the loop over the chosen branch, thread the other end through to pull tight – then, attach it to the rope ladder using the quick link.

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