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Shock (Bungee) Cord

Shock (Bungee) Cord

Shock bungee cord is also known as a bungee cord or elastic cord. Our products have a tough braided Polyester cover over a natural rubber core. This superior cover results in a waterproof, long-lasting, wear-resistant bungee cord. It also means the collection will have a high UV resistance which makes it ideal for outdoor use.

All of our bungee shock cords are capable of 100% stretch elongation, although we do not recommend using a bungee rope at its maximum stretch. This is a safety precaution. While the cords we supply are capable of stretching to such a massive length we feel it is wise to opt for a more considered approach with these products to ensure they last long and work well.

Bungee rope are often used for

  • Marine, Sailing Boats and other Small Boats
  • Canoes and Kayaks
  • Caravans and Camping
  • Car, Boat and Trailer Covers
  • Roof-Racks, Pick-Ups and Curtain-Sides
  • Tarpaulins and Trampolines
  • Commercial and Industrial

We keep a full range of sizes from 3mm to 10mm in our solid black shock cord and a flecked white shock cord as well as neon yellow shock cords in 3mm to 6mm and can supply a selection of spiral metal shock cord hooks if required. Elastic cords can also be purchased in cut lengths by the metre. Simply add the length in metres to the quantity box before you add your order to the basket. We also provide 100m reels, which comes in a variety of thicknesses.

Please check out our full range of bungee cords below. We take pride in a fast and reliable delivery service which normally reaches the customers in just one or two days. All our bungee cord is made in Europe by an ISO:9001 registered manufacturer so you can rest assured you will be purchasing a product of exceptional quality made to the highest specifications.

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    Shock Cord

    Shock and Bungee Cord from Ropes Direct

    RopesDirect is the UK’s leading supplier of ropes and cordage, and bungee cord is no exception. Driven by our desire to provide the best products and the best services we can to our customers, we take great pride in the fact we only stock the best quality bungee cord on the industry market has to offer.

    Our elastic cord is made with a durable, hardy braided polyester cover, sheathing and protecting a natural rubber core which provides the elasticity and shock resistance that our bungee cords are famous for. Thanks to the combination of two high-end construction materials, the shock cord we supply displays the following features:


    This is a tough, ready, hard-wearing product. Using a shock-resistant rubber core together with a braided polyester sheath, the elasticated shock cords we provide are resistant to damage, wear and tear and also retain their functionality after expose to water and UV rays. This makes them resistant to the damaging effects of weather and means they are perfectly suited for use outdoors. Bungee cords are ideal for use in trailers, as a way to secure roof racks and tarpaulins as well as for commercial and marine uses!

    Waterproof Construction

    The rope is ideal for marine use, as they are completely waterproof - neither the rubber core or the braided sheath will absorb water or be damaged by it. This means that each property which makes it stand apart from similar items available throughout the industry maintain their integrity and functionality. The shock cord from Ropes Direct is ideal for use outdoors and in boating, canoeing, kayaking and other marine applications.

    Strength and Elasticity

    The bungee cord ropes we supply to a variety of businesses offer industry-leading strength and resilience. This makes it ideal for use in tie-downs, to secure tarpaulins, and even in for application on a trampoline.

    As a name which includes ‘Bungee’ may suggest, it is able to stretch, like a bungee jump rope thanks to the natural rubber core. As mentioned above, this stretch can be impressive, and our bungee cords can extend to a full 100% stretch elongation. Putting the rope under such extreme strain is however not recommended.

    Using the cords at their maximum stretch should be avoided as a safety precaution. When you need a cord that can stretch to accommodate different requirements, or as part of its functionality, look no further than our strong, durable and elastic shock bungee cords.

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