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Sisal Rope & Twine

Sisal Rope & Twine

We sell Sisal rope up to 40mm diameter in coils and by the metre, and up to 16mm on reels. Our balls of Sisal twine come in either 2 or 3 ply, and up to 675 metres long depending on the diameter.

Sisal is made from natural fibres (Agave Sisalana). It is especially resistant to sunlight and has little to no stretching. Sisal is biodegradable, which is one of the reasons it is popular with farmers and gardeners.

Sisal twine is often used for tying parcels, handicraft projects; the rope is great for use on decking, timber work, or even as a scratching post for cats!

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Weight and Strength Information Sheet

    A comprehensive collection of Sisal rope

    Sisal is one of five types of natural rope we sell*.

    It's a traditional, hairy, rugged rope that's always popular with customers who are looking for the natural look and environmentally-friendly, sustainable credentials.

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    We sell Sisal rope which is made from three-strands spun together, in diameters from 6mm-40mm, and also Sisal twine in 2-ply, 3-ply and 4-ply. So there's a wide choice. It's always in stock and we can deliver it fast. Simply choose from the options above.

    Sisal is derived from the Agave Sisalana plant which typically reaches its maturity within 4-6 months, meaning crops can be replenished quickly and it’s an efficient and sustainable resource. Plus, it can grow without fertilisers or pesticides and has very little impact on the atmosphere.

    Sisal has been turned into rope and string for hundreds of years. Yet it remains very much a modern choice because of its looks and because its fibres will rot naturally in the soil, for example when used with animals or on the land:

    • Gardeners tend to like it for its natural credentials because any fibres which are shed rot down naturally.
    • It's used for pet birds such as parrots and it’s perfect for cat scratching posts. Farmers often use sisal as a chewing toy for pigs.
    • And it’s commonly chosen for domestic garden projects, including decking and timberwork and in the home for tying parcels and some handicraft projects.

    Key properties of Sisal:

    • Strength - please download our Weight and Strength Information Sheet
    • Water - Sisal absorbs water and will sink if immersed. It will naturally lengthen or shrink with moisture  
    • Chemicals - good resistance to alkalis, poor resistance to acids
    • Rot - not resistant
    • UV - well resistant to sunlight but will fade in colour over time
    • Abrasion - susceptible


    Rope ends - all ropes can fray. To prevent this on natural ropes you can:

    • Bind each end in tape (ie electrical tape)
    • Apply heat-set end caps
    • Whip the ends
    • Splice the ends

    More information about rope ends here

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    *Our other natural ropes are Flax Hemp, Cotton, Manila and Jute (though our Jute rope has a synthetic core for extra strength).

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