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PolySteel Rope

PolySteel Rope

PolySteel Rope

3-strand Polysteel Rope in Green or White with a Red tracer yarn,  sold by the coil, by the reel and by the metre.

For larger diameter Polysteel Rope (28mm - 36mm) please visit our Synthetic Sisal Rope category.

We also stock Leaded Polysteel PotRope (10mm – 16mm) which you can find in our Leaded Polysteel category.

    Polysteel Continued

    Polysteel fibre rope is made with a blend of Polypropylene and Polyethylene, making it stronger and tougher than regular Polypropylene. This makes it a hands down choice for marine, agricultural and industrial applications where a highly superior product is demanded. 

    • Approximately 25% stronger than polypropylene / polyethylene
    • Excellent UV protection
    • Superior abrasion resistance
    • No loss of strength when wet
    • Can be stored wet
    • Resists rot and mildew
    • Floats in water
    • Easily spliced

    Please click on the icons above to buy this Polysteel Rope by the coil, by the reel or cut to length by the metre.

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