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3-strand Nylon Rope

3-strand Nylon Rope

3-strand Nylon Rope

Nylon is strong, resists abrasion and UV well, and sinks in water. So it is ideal for water as well as winching and towing.

RopesDirect is a leading UK supplier and, whatever length or thickness you require, we’re bound to have the ideal product.

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A complete range of nylon rope to suit all needs

As part of our nylon rope and cord collection, we currently stock 3 strand nylon (polyamid) rope in a broad spectrum of diameters – ranging from 6mm – 20mm. These can be bought:

  • by the metre
  • in 220m coils
  • wound on 220m cardboard reels

Depending on the thickness of the rope, the minimum breaking load ranges from approximately 0.809 to 29.988 tonnes – but, please note, these figures are not test certificated.

All of our nylon ropesare manufactured by a European ISO 9001 certified manufacturer. As such, they’re made to EN ISO 1140:2004 requirements and are guaranteed to be superior quality – coming with heat sealed ends as standard. However, if required, they can also be whipped, soft spliced or hard spliced. More information on these options can be found on the ‘rope end finishes’ page. 

What is 3 strand nylon rope?

Just as the name suggests, nylon rope is a rope made from synthetic nylon fibres – with a twisted three-strand construction. It’s also sometimes referred to as ‘polyamid rope’ (as nylon belongs to a family of polymers known as polyamide), and it boasts a range of useful properties. For example, it:

  • is incredibly strong (the strongest rope in common use)
  • feels soft and smooth to touch
  • is pliable and easy-to-handle
  • demonstrates excellent resistance to UV and abrasion
  • melts at a high temperature (i.e. 210°C)
  • is durable and long-lasting

Nylon rope also benefits from a high level of elasticity. It’s successfully able to return to its original length after being stretched, and as a result, is most commonly used for shock absorbency and high-strength applications – such as lifting, towing, mooring and winching. 

Why choose us for nylon rope?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. As an exclusive online supplier, we’re able to cut back on overheads – and we pass those savings on to you. That’s why all of our 3 strand nylon rope is available for a highly competitive price, starting from as little as 30p per metre. Orders will also be delivered directly to your door the very next day (if ordered before 12pm).

Our team have excellent knowledge of nylon rope and we’re always happy to help. Email info@ropesdirect.co.uk and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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