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Steel Wire Rope

Steel Wire Rope

Our steel wire rope includes a number of variations and proves extremely popular with customers for a wide variety of applications. We offer a choice of 7x7 and 6x19 strand types, as well as PVC coated 7x7 for a smooth surface and easy handling.

Our steel wire ropes are manufactured to the highest standards, providing the strength and flexibility you need for commercial and industrial use. From retail and security to schools and automotive control, our cables deliver high performance at very affordable prices. Supplied on 50, 100 and now 200m reels, our steel wire rope is an essential addition to any workshop, with a versatility that quickly becomes indispensible for tradesmen and fitters of all kinds.

Whether you choose Zinc plated to resist oxidation or PVC coated to reduce friction, you’ll find our steel wire rope employed across the UK in a huge range of domestic and commercial applications, including:

  • Catenary Systems
  • Security Cables
  • Railings and Fencing
  • Abattoir Wire
  • Barrier Ropes
  • Shop Displays
  • Pulley Cables
  • Hanging Signs
  • Guardrails
  • Control cables
  • Standing rigging
  • Garage Door Cables
  • Washing Lines
  • Washing Lines
  • Gym Equipment Cables
  • Industrial Door Cables

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