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Natural Products

Ropes, cords, twine and string made from natural products

Natural Ropes are made from plant fibres so, of course, may break down over time. Also prone to shrinking when wet.

100% Cotton Cord and RopeSoft and malleable, prone to rot.
Flax HempFlax is one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet, so flax is spun to create tough multi-strand threads. Soft and pleasant to handle, resistant to heat and great for knotting. 
Manila RopeStrong, durable and flexible. It’s also resistant to damage by UV rays so can be left in direct sunlight.
SisalThe rope is strong, especially resistant to sunlight and has little to no stretching. Sisal is a very biodegradable product.
Twine and stringOur range includes Flax Hemp, Sisal, Cotton and Jute.
Coir fendersHandmade for us