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Garden Rope, Cord, Sisal and Twine for Gardens and Outdoors

You have a choice between natural products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendlier, or synthetic ropes which are more durable.

Lighting Support / Fun / ColourfulOur wide range of colours in Polypropylene, Polyester and in soft Polysilk - great for jazzing up your outdoor living space or adding a colourful touch to garden fences and designer-corners of your garden.
Tying Down / General UseBlue Polypropylene - our best selling rope is versatile, strong, rot-proof and hard-wearing. We stock a wide range of diameters. White Staplespun Rope is an excellent alternative, made from polypropylene fibres and giving excellent grip when knotting.
Natural RopesSee our Natural Ropes section for the full range.
Lawn EdgingManila or Synthetic Hemp ropes.
Swings and swing seatsWe recommend Synthetic Hemp ropes. We also supply Extension/Adjustment Ropes for child swings.
Decking RopeWe usually recommend Synthetic Hemp, or Polysilk in one of our vibrant colours. If you want a natural rope then choose Manila, Hemp or Jute (which has a polypropylene core for extra strength). See our video on which rope to choose, and our measuring guide, below.
Tent Guy RopesOur range of white Nylon Cord up to 5mm in diameter is suitable for many family tents. Larger tents may need our Braid on Braid Polyester or even something from our Synthetic Hemp range.
A Lighter LookNatural Cotton and Synthetic Cotton ropes in a wide range of diameters. Sisal, too, is a lighter-looking natural rope. You can see it in more detail on our Sisal video.
Sheds / WoodworkSuperior Grade Sisal, resistant to sunlight and stretch.
Rose Swags /Supporting Large PlantsSynthetic Hemp, Sisal, or Jute Ropes.
Twine and StringA great range of Twine and String. Look out for our natural Sisal Twine too.
Starter CordNylon starter cord to suit all machinery.

To measure how much rope you need for decking, use a piece of string or follow the instructions below.






Which is the best rope for outdoor garden use?

All of the ropes in our ‘garden’ collection have been tried and tested in an outdoor environment, and are tough enough to hold up against the elements and a significant level of wear and tear.

Synthetic Hemp is typically our no.1 recommendation for outdoor use. Made from polypropylene fibres, this is one of the hardiest options available – strong, durable, fully weatherproof and UV resistant. It doesn’t shrink or swell when it gets wet, and can last for many years in your garden, whilst retaining its natural appearance and soft texture.

Other fantastic synthetic options include Synthetic Sisal and PolySilk.

We also stock an excellent selection of natural fibre ropes that are suitable for outdoor use – but remember natural ropes will break down outside much quicker than synthetics.

Our Jute Ropes have a natural outer, and they demonstrate excellent resistance to wear and tear, heat and sunlight. Plus they benefit from a polypropylene (synthetic) core, which gives them the strength and resilience required to survive long-term outdoor use – even here in the UK.

Manila can also be a great garden rope – as this contains natural oils, which help it to withstand the elements and make it better suited to outdoor use than most other natural options.

Further information on the best rope for garden use can be found in our blog.


What do I need to make a garden rope fence?

The short answer – 24-36mm Synthetic Hemp Rope.

Offering the perfect balance of strength, resilience and aesthetic appeal. This can be left outside for many years without issue and is our go-to for most outdoor decking and garden rope fence projects. However, you could also use Synthetic Sisal, PolySilk, Jute or Manila.

Whichever rope material you decide on, it’s important to measure up carefully and accurately using our guide – adding a little extra to the final total to avoid any installation problems.

To attach the rope to the wooden posts, you can drill holes and thread the rope through, securing them in place with knots. Or we have a comprehensive selection of metal rope fittings available – in six popular finishes to suit both synthetic and natural ropes.


Why choose us for garden rope?

RopesDirect is home to one of the largest collections of rope for garden and outdoor use. And customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

To ensure our customers are happy with their garden rope, we:

  • Supply the highest quality products.
  • Price competitively and affordably.
  • Keep our warehouse well stocked with the full collection of garden ropes.
  • Strive to offer a very fast turnaround, with orders placed by midday typically delivered in 1-2 days.
  • Remain experts in our field. We have excellent knowledge of all the ropes available in our store and we’re always happy to help.

So if you have any questions or would like advice on the best garden rope for your requirements, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.