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Rope, Cord, Sisal and Twine for Gardens and Outdoors

If you want to use rope outside then you have a choice between natural products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendlier, or synthetic ropes which are more durable.

Lighting Support / Fun / ColourfulOur wide range of colours in Polypropylene, Polyester and in soft Polycotton - great for jazzing up your outdoor living space or adding a colourful touch to garden fences and designer-corners of your garden.
Tying Down / General UseBlue Polypropylene - our best selling rope is versatile, strong, rot-proof and hard-wearing. We stock a wide range of diameters.


White Staplespun Rope is an excellent alternative, made from polypropylene fibres and giving excellent grip when knotting.
Natural RopesSee our Natural Ropes section for the full range.
Lawn EdgingManila or Synthetic Hemp ropes.
Swings and swing seatsWe recommend Synthetic Hemp ropes. We also supply Extension/Adjustment Ropes for child swings.
Decking RopeWe usually recommend Synthetic Hemp or Synthetic Sisal because it will last longer but look just like natural rope. If you want a natural rope then choose Manilla, Hemp or Jute (which has a polypropylene core for extra strength). See our measuring guide, below.
Tent Guy RopesOur range of white nylon cord up to 5mm in diameter is suitable for many family tents. Larger tents may need our Braid on Braid Polyester or even something from our Synthetic Hemp range.
A Lighter LookNatural Cotton and Synthetic Cotton ropes in a wide range of diameters.
Sheds / WoodworkSuperior Grade Sisal, resistant to sunlight and stretch.
Rose Swags /Supporting Large PlantsSynthetic Hemp or Jute Ropes.
Twine and StringA great range of Twine and String. Look out for our natural Sisal Twine too.
Starter CordNylon starter cord to suit all machinery.