Rope and cord for commercial fishing, farming and forestry

Fish, Farms, Forestry

Rope for commercial fishing, farming and forestry

The most frequently purchased specialist and general ropes for forestry, farming and fishing are listed here. Please ask us if you need something not listed here. It might be in a different category such as “Marine and Boating” or “Utilities and Industry”.

General useBlue Polypropylene - our best selling rope. Strong, versatile, rot proof and hard wearing. It comes in multiple diameters and lengths.
Crab pots, fishing gearPolysteelor Leaded Polysteel Rope - 30% stronger than standard polypropylene ropes.
Other commercial fishingYellow Floatline - floats, does not kink.
Net repairsPolyethylene Braided Twine - 4mm and 5mm in black or green.
Heavy duty farm and industryPolysteel Rope - tough, durable and inexpensive.
Towing, lifting and winchingNylon Rope - strong and can withstand shock


Dyneema- up to 10mm diameter. One of the strongest types of rope on the market today.


Polyester Rope is often used for hoisting or winching too.


Natural RopesSee our range of Natural Ropes if you need cottons, jutes, hemp and sisal for environmentally-friendly applications.
PigsWe have pig farming customers who provide their pigs with our really thick Sisal to chew and wrestle with.
Dairy Shed scrapersGreen Polysteel Rope (no metal content)
Engine starter cordNylon Starter Cord
Brick linesBraided Nylon
Post bashingBraid on Braid Polyester or Polysteel Rope.