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Flax Hemp Rope

Flax Hemp Rope

Flax Hemp Rope

Natural, strong rope sold by the metre, by the reel and by the discount bulk coil.

For indoors, outdoors, homes and businesses.

Flax Hemp rope is made from natural fibres so any fibres that are shed over the years will rot into the earth.

Some people choose Synthetic Hemp, which looks the same and is soft to handle, but is made from spun Polypropylene.

    A complete range of natural hemp rope

    We stock natural Hemp rope in a wide range of diameters, from 6mm-36mm. These have a minimum breaking load (not test certificated) ranging from 0.28 to 9.20 tonnes, and can be bought:

    All of our Hemp ropes are produced in the UK or Germany, by our long-standing and trusted partners. They fully comply with EN ISO 1261 standards and – despite their competitive price – are guaranteed to be of superior quality.

    Those with a diameter of 6-24mm are 3-strand, whilst those with a 28mm or 36mm diameter have a sturdy 4-strand construction. Either way, they come with PVC taped ends (to the left and right) as standard. However, you can also choose from a range of other rope end finishes – including whipped, soft spliced, hard spliced and more.

    Invest in your flax hemp rope today

    Browse our full online collection and, once you’ve identified the flax hemp rope that meets your requirements, add it to your basket and checkout. It’s as simple as that. Orders that are placed before 12pm are usually parcelled up and delivered the next day. Or, if you prefer, you can collect your new rope (for free) from our warehouse in Norfolk.

    If you have any questions about the hemp rope for sale or are unsure of the best diameter and length for your needs, please feel free to get in touch.

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    What is flax hemp rope?

    Flax hemp rope is made from fibres extracted from the stems of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum) – 100% natural and fully biodegradable. The fibres are spun to create tough multi-strand threads.

    Aside from being environmentally-friendly, natural hemp rope also boasts a number of other useful properties. For example, flax is recognised as one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet, and this superior strength is echoed in the final product. It also benefits from:

    • a soft, pleasant texture
    • the ability to float on water
    • resistance to heat
    • resistance to UV rays
    • durability
    • flexibility
    • good knot retention

    What can flax hemp rope be used for?

    One of the main advantages of hemp rope is its versatility.

    It used to be used on ships’ rigging. These days it is frequently chosen where frequent rope-handling is necessary (e.g. barrier ropes, stair bannister ropes, gymnasium climbing ropes, theatre scenery lifting and pulley ropes).

    And thanks to its nautical appearance and natural shade of brown, flax hemp rope can also be used for a variety of decorative domestic purposes, both inside and outside of the home.

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