Rope end finshes

Rope end finshes

We offer the following choices for finishes to your cut length of rope:

Heat sealed.This is our standard finish for synthetic ropes. We use a heat sealing knife to cut and seal the rope which then will not unravel.

Taped end.This is our standard finish for natural fibre ropes. We use a black pvc tape tightly wound around the rope which prevents the rope from unravelling.

Whipped end.For a superior finish to a natural fibre rope we whip the end with a flax twine which will prevent unraveling

Soft splice.Our craftsmen can splice the end of your rope into a loop to help. This will help you to hang your rope from a post of to suspend it from a branch.

Hard splice.To strengthen a soft splice we can insert a galvanised metal thimble. This will help to prevent wear to the splice if a rope is run through it.