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Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

Battling Ropes

Made by Ropes Direct from either grade 1 natural manila or from braided polyester rope. Both have glued and heat set rigid end caps to prevent the ropes from fraying or unravelling.

  • Manila Battle Ropes are made from 32mm 3-strand grade 1 manila rope for a traditional looking heavy durable rope, suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Polyester Battle Ropes are made from 35mm 16-plait braided polyester rope over a multifilament polpyropylene core for a heavy duty and flexible exercise rope. They are soft and comfortable to grip, do not shed hairs, are incredibly long lasting and suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Battle Ropes are becoming increasingly popular as an all round fitness workout rope - they are fun to use and give fantastic results in muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning. The most common exercises people use are making waves and slams, when you are using total body flexion and extension as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance.