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Everything You Need to Know About Bungee Cord

What is Bungee Cord?

Bungee cord is the most readily used name for cord with a core that is composed of elastic strands coated in a woven sheath. Other names used for this type of rope are “shock cord” and “elastic cord”. Bungee is often spelt “bungie”.

The elastic strands within the core of bungee cord is composed with natural rubber, manufactured rubber or a configuration of both. The material used for the inner cord will largely vary depending on the intended use of the cord.

The woven outer sheath can be composed from a variety of materials. Cotton, polypropylene and nylon are all materials that can be potentially used for the outer sheath to protect the elastic core. The outer sheath also facilitates a uniform stretch through the entire length of the bungee cord.

How Stretchy is Bungee Cord?

Bungee cord can be manufactured to stretch to specific lengths and reach a particular amount of elongation. The amount of ‘elongation’ is identified as a percentage compared to the unstretched length. For example, bungee cord that can be stretched to double its length would be described as having 100% elongation.

What to consider when you’re buying bungee cord?

  • Depending on the purpose of the bungee cord you are purchasing, and the amount you need it to stretch, the elongation rating of the bungee cord can be of primary importance.
  • As a general rule, the thicker the bungee cord the stronger it will be. However, the thicker bungee cord is also generally harder to stretch, so be sure not to buy bungee cord that is so thick it can’t be stretched!
  • It’s not just the elasticity of the bungee cord that matters, the material of the outer sheath is also massively important to its functionality. Your bungee cord will require an outer sheath that can deal with the conditions it will be used in. If used in potentially inclement weather, you may need an outer sheath that is resistant to water and mould.
  • RopesDirect offers a variety of bungee cord colours. You may require your bungee cord to be highly visible, in which case our neon yellow shock cord would be the ideal choice for you.

Common Uses for Bungee Cords you may not have known

  • There are a variety of industries that use bungee cords for suspending heavy objects. Bungee cords provide a cost-effective alternative to metal chains and other expensive rope for uses such as hanging, lowering and raising goods.
  • Many construction projects require shock bungee cord for the removal of trees and other large obstacles when in the process of constructing homes and other businesses.
  • The show businesses industry, particularly in theatre, use a bungee cord to transport heavy or awkward equipment between different set locations.
  • Emergency Services often use bungee cord to tow and recover vehicles from adverse situations.
  • Shock bungee cords can also be used to create temporary barriers to prevent the public from entering a hazardous area.

It’s not just commercial industries that make use of bungee cords. They can be of great benefit around the home too! From keeping your kids out of cabinets to assisting with gardening, bungee cords can do a lot more than you may have first imagined!


Purchasing baby proofing clips and other products can be an expensive feat, so why not use bungee cords? As a cheaper alternative, bungee cords can be used to anchor draw handles together and prevent toddlers form searching through them.

Car Entertainment

Sticking with the theme of children, the use of bungee cords can make long road trips much easier. Simply stretch a bungee cord across the ceiling of your car using the ceiling handles and attach your children’s toys to keep them entertained throughout the journey.

Safe place for Cords

Hanging a long piece of bungee cord from the wall or ceiling is an excellent way to keep hose pipes or long extension cords from causing a mess and getting tangled.

Keeping things in place

Keeping your garage in an organised fashion can be a difficult prospect if it houses toys, sports gear and even home tools. An excellent way to organise your equipment and prevent it from falling from the wall is the use of bungee cords.

It can also assist in the organisation of your kitchen. A bungee cord is an ideal solution for trying to keep food containers from falling over whilst in cupboard racks.

Curtain Pullbacks

Another increasingly popular use for bungee cord around homes is curtain pullbacks. Once mounting metal hooks to the wall, curtains can be tied back with a short piece of bungee cord.

Pet Toys

It’s not just humans that can benefit from a bungee cord, it creates an excellent chew toy for your pets too! Tying a knot at both ends will create a great toy for your pets- fray the ends for a more stylish product.

Whether you’re a company that require large quantities of bungee cord or an individual that would just like some for their home, RopesDirect are the rope supplier for you.

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