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5 factors to consider when choosing bungee cord

Looking to buy a bungee cord? Don’t rush into your purchase. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from and the right one for you will depend on its intended use. Choosing an unsuitable bungee cord will not only waste your time (and money!), but can also lead to health and safety risks. So, before you ‘add to basket’, be sure to consider the following five factors carefully.

  1. Materials

Bungee cord typically has a natural or synthetic rubber core, surrounded by a sheath of woven thermoplastic polymer (polypropylene). This is what makes it stretchy. In some cases, a braided polyester sheath is used instead. Polyester is a much tougher material than polypropylene. Not only is it waterproof, but it also offers excellent UV resistance and is ideal for prolonged outdoor use.

This is why you should consider exactly where your new bungee cord will be used. If intended for a harsh, outdoor environment or marine setting, polyester bungee cords – such as those available at Ropes Direct – are likely to be the best option.

  1. Diameter

The diameter of a bungee cord gives a rough indication of its strength. In fact – as a general rule-of-thumb – the wider the bungee cord is, the stronger it will be.

This is a crucial factor to consider. You need to be sure that your new rope can successfully support enough weight for its intended application. Just keep in mind, the thicker the rope becomes, the harder it will be to stretch and finding the ‘ideal’ cord may involve striking a balance between the two.

  1. Length

Sold both on 100m reels and by the metre, it’s possible to buy bungee cord at any length – and the exact length that you require will depend on its intended purpose.

It’s also important to bear the cord’s ‘elongation’ rating in mind. Here at Ropes Direct, all of our bungee cords have a 100% elongation. In theory, this means they can be stretched to double their length. However, for safety reasons, a bungee cord should never be used at its maximum elongation – and, before you buy, you should take this into consideration and choose a length that is safe for your application.

  1. Style

Bungee cords come in a range of different colours and patterns. Certain styles are better suited to certain uses than others and it’s important to give this a little thought.

Take for example our black and white flecked designs, here at Ropes Direct. These are subtle and understated and would perfectly complement the look of a sailing boat. By contrast, our neon yellow cords are bold and eye-catching – and are therefore ideal for scenarios where visibility is of utmost importance.

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  1. Fixings

This is a factor that is often overlooked. However, in most cases, you will need to invest in fixings – such as a shock cord spiral hook – to use your new shock bungee cord correctly. The exact size required will depend on the size of the cord. So be sure to research this thoroughly before you buy.

Can I get further advice on bungee cords?

Ropes Direct is a leading online supplier of bungee cord and our team have excellent knowledge of this type of rope. They can offer tailored advice and guidance and will help to identify the ideal bungee cord for you. So, why not get in touch today? Either give us a call on 01692 671721 or send a quick email to our experts at [email protected].

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