Put the Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire on your ‘to do’ list.

Put the Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire on your ‘to do’ list.  Sisal string used in thatching RopesDirect

We at RopesDirect think it’s an amazing place, doing fascinating research and reconstructing buildings and technology from the Stone Age to the Romans.

It was catapulted to national prominence on the TV in the 1970s, not so long after it was launched. It’s now a fixture in school field trips all year round and is open to the public, spring to autumn, with special events in the winter.

They use our rope!

Why are we plugging Butser here? Well it’s worth it on its own. But of course there’s a RopesDirect connection! We’re really proud that over the years they have used our twines and rope to help construct their experimental buildings.

Here is some sisal rope used to lash together the frame of a stone age dwelling.  Sisal used in stone age roundhouse

And synthetic sisal which will really weather the conditions outside for years to come, used to lash together this striking pergola outside their Roman villa.

Butser is a not-for-profit research organisation working in education, conservation, and community. 100% of its revenue goes directly back into its work at the farm.

It’s mission: to explore questions about early history through archaeological experiments. In its 50-year history, it has been on the cutting-edge of experimental archaeology, expanding our knowledge of the ancient past and providing insight on archaeological remains through practical discoveries… such as this frame, lashed together with our super strong synthetic sisal (polysteel) used to raise huge stone monoliths (look in the background of the photo).

Go visit!

We at RopesDirect have read lots about Butser and seen it on tele. And after poring over their website – www.butserancientfarm.co.uk we can assure you it is on our itinerary to visit this year.

You’ll recognise us … we’ll be the ones looking at the ropes as much as the amazing reconstructions!


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