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Which type of draw cord should I buy?

Looking to buy draw cord?

Here at RopesDirect – as a leading supplier – we certainly have a wide selection to choose from.

In fact, having recently added several new lines to our range, we’re now home to one of the largest online collections of draw cord and sub-duct rope in the UK. Which is fantastic, as it means we have the ideal product to suit most cabling requirements.

From HPDE to HMPE and polyprop rope in every colour in the rainbow. Whether you’re completely new to the industry or have worked in telecoms for many years, it can be difficult to know exactly which draw cord rope is best for your needs. So to help, here we explore some of the most popular choices from our line-up – and the qualities that make them so popular.


4 of our most popular draw cord ropes

All perfect for cable pulling.


Ideal for those who want to stick to an old faithful.

Blue polypropylene draw cord

This is one of our absolute best-selling products.

When it comes to cable pulling rope, you can’t go wrong with blue polypropylene. It’s been the rope of choice in the telecommunications and cabling industry for many decades now – with good reason! And it still flies off the shelves of our warehouse, particularly our 450m and 500m reels and even 1000m reels.

Why is it so enduringly popular? Because it’s perfect for the job.

Thanks to its robust three-strand construction, blue polyprop rope is known for its superior strength (approximate breaking strain of 4.5 kN) and durability. It doesn’t splinter during use, it’s rot-proof and it demonstrates excellent resistance to mildew, mould, acids, and alkalis. Which means, even if kept in extreme outdoor conditions, it withstands wear and tear and maintains its integrity.

Plus, as it’s lightweight, it’s easy to handle and incredibly user-friendly.

6mm is the most popular choice for cabling pulling, which is currently available for £34.74 for a 450m reel and £35.94 for a 500m reel (Jan 2024). But we also have blue polyprop available in extra-long reels of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 16mm.



Ideal for when visibility is a priority.

Yellow polypropylene draw cord rope

The latest addition to our cable draw cord collection.

As you might expect, yellow polypropylene rope has the same beneficial properties as blue polypropylene. After all, it’s made from the exact same material. It has the same three-strand structure, and as such, it demonstrates the same excellent level of strength, durability and usability.

It’s just yellow instead of blue.

In the telecoms world, the visibility of duct ropes can often be the key to success. Eye-catching shades – such as bright yellow – allow the rope to be seen in low light conditions, harsh weather and against the darkness of a deep body of water. Ultimately making the cabling process much easier.

Therefore, if visibility is integral to your needs, our 6mm yellow polyprop is likely to be a good choice. Wound on 450m reels and available for just £43.80 (Jan 2024), it’s an affordable and reliable option that will meet your cabling pulling requirements – with the added benefit of its distinctive colour.

By the way we’ve got 500m reels of polypropylene in orange too!



Ideal for those who need large quantities.

Orange HPDE duct rope

A relative newcomer to the draw cord category. Orange HDPE duct rope has created real competition for the ever popular polyprop.

Made from polyethylene (PE), with a polyester core, this is an incredibly strong rope for cable pulling and fibre installation – boasting a maximum breaking load of 815kg and a spliced breaking load of 681kg (not test certified). Plus it’s extremely durable, perfect for prolonged outdoor use.

It demonstrates superb resistance to acids and alkalis. It’s UV-treated. And thanks to the ‘waxy feel’ of the PE, It creates very little friction – allowing it to be pulled smoothly and effortlessly through ducts and making the process of cable pulling quick and easy (with no risk of damage to the sheath).

Unlike our polyprop products, orange HDPE is available in extra-large spools of 4250m. Available for £1,140 (Jan 2024), this works out at just 26p per metre. Quantity discounts are also available, whereby you can save money by purchasing several spools at the same time –  making it excellent value for money and a great option for anyone looking to buy draw cords in bulk.



Ideal for heavier loads that require a thinner rope.

HMPE cable pulling rope

A slightly more expensive option, but one that’s more than worth its weight in strength – HMPE is particularly ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Made from the world’s strongest ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene – using a patented ‘gel spinning’ process – its strength-to-weight ratio is at least eight times stronger than hardened steel and it boasts an astonishingly high breaking load. To give you an idea, a 4mm HMPE rope (i.e. half the width of a pencil) has a minimum breaking load of 1600kg and a safe working load of 320kg.

This means it’s possible to handle heavier weights with ease or use a thinner rope for the same job.

Aside from their superior strength, our 12-strand HMPE draw cords are also relatively light and easy to handle – with self-lubricating properties and a low coefficient of friction. They demonstrate low stretch and are extremely durable, resistant to water, chemicals, UV rays and abrasion.

If you’re looking for sheer strength, in a user-friendly cable pulling rope, this is it.

Available in both grey and yellow (for greater visibility), we provide a range of diameters from 2mm and lengths of up to 1000m depending on the diameter. Whilst our thicker HMPE rope will not be suitable for draw cord, we stock up to 22mm and we can also supply HMPE up to 48mm.


Still not sure which is the draw cord for you?

Additional information on our draw cords and duct ropes can be found throughout the website, such as on our individual product pages and in the ‘Help Choosing Rope’ section. We also have several blogs which explore the products listed above in greater detail, including ‘The advantages of polypropylene rope’,  ‘Orange duct rope for cable pulling’ and ‘HMPE in focus’.

We recently created a video for our YouTube channel, which shows our draw cords in action – with footage sent in by one of our customers. So it’s worth taking a look at that too!



If – after all that reading and watching – you’re still feeling a little unsure, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you’re struggling to decide on a product or would like to discuss a bespoke length or bulk order with our team, we’re more than happy to help.

Just send a message via our online form and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.


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