6 Advantages of Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene rope is a great general-purpose rope, suited to domestic use, business use or leisure. With a range of available colours and diameters, this strong, adaptable rope has a range of advantages that set it above the competition. These advantages include:

Tough, Hard-Wearing Construction

Made from polypropylene, a particularly hardy polymer which is resistant to many solvents and glues, polypropylene rope is woven from three-strand yarn for maximum strength and durability. Polypropylene also has a higher melting point than many common polymers, increasing its resistance to heat and friction; and it won’t splinter, making it easier to use and more user-friendly, and prolonging its life even when frequently knotted and untied.

High Strength

Polypropylene rope is strong and well-suited to a range of uses, including boating, pulleys and winches, and general-purpose fastening and securing. Thanks to sturdy construction and strong material, this rope is more than strong enough to fulfil these functions.

Rot-Proof Material

Polypropylene is rot-proof, which is a huge advantage for long-term storage and use, particularly in outdoors applications or boating, where it could be regularly soaked. In hemp rope or other fibres, this could result in rapid decay of the rope thanks to bacterial growth, but polypropylene is completely immune to rotting, maintaining its strength and capability for much longer than other rope types.

Floats in Water

This may not seem like an enormous advantage, but a boating rope which doesn’t float won’t last long. Since it can be easily retrieved from the surface of the water, polypropylene rope is a natural choice for ropes used around water, and the range of colours available increase visibility in low-light conditions, harsh ambient weather or against the dark backdrop of the water, improving ease of use in any conditions!

Wide Range of Colours

The wide range of colours mentioned above include:

  • Red polypropylene rope
  • Orange polypropylene rope
  • Yellow polypropylene rope
  • Black polypropylene rope
  • White polypropylene rope
  • Green polypropylene rope
  • Beige polypropylene rope

This much variety means that you will be able to choose the polypropylene rope type which most suits your needs! Whether you need to fit a visual aesthetic, or you just need the best possible visibility in specific conditions, our range of colours will fit your requirements.

Range of Diameters Available

The diameter of rope you choose will influence a range of its properties, from the total strength and load capacity of the rope to the ease of knotting it and storing it, so at Ropes Direct we stock a broad selection of polypropylene rope diameters, including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm, which are all sold on 220m coils or cut to length depending on your needs.

This makes the polypropylene rope from Ropes Direct a versatile, adaptable solution to your problem – whatever it may be.

If you would like to know more about polypropylene rope and how it can help you, or you would like to place an order from Ropes Direct, you can get in touch on 01692 671721 or use the contact form on this site!

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