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The advantages of polypropylene rope

Need a rope that’s suitable for outdoors? Perhaps one that can handle water?

Our polypropylene ropes could be an excellent choice.

At RopesDirect, we currently stock the traditional bestseller – blue polypropylene – as well as polypropylene ropes and cords in a range of other colours. These are classed as ‘general purpose’ ropes, suitable for domestic, commercial and leisure-based applications. And they boast a wide range of beneficial features, which make them a savvy option for use in the great outdoors.

6 advantages of polypropylene rope


  1. Robust construction

Polypropylene rope is well-known for its strength and durability.

Not only is it made from polypropylene (i.e. an incredibly robust plastic), it also benefits from a tight three-strand construction – which maximises its inherent strength and makes it very hard-wearing. The rope won’t splinter during use. And even if it is frequently knotted and untied, it will successfully withstand the wear and tear and last for many years.


  1. Rot-proof

This is one of the main reasons why polypropylene rope is perfect for use outdoors.

It’s both rot-proof and resistant to mildew, mould, acids, and alkalis. Whilst other rope fibres would soak up the moisture and decay in storage (e.g. due to bacterial growth), polypropylene is completely immune to the effects of water. Even if subject to extreme weather conditions or kept in a severely damp environment, the rope will maintain its strength and integrity for a very long time.


  1. Floats on water

Compared to water, which has a specific gravity rating of 1, polypropylene rope has a specific gravity of 0.91. As a result, it floats on the surface and doesn’t shrink, swell or change shape when wet.

Again, this makes it particularly useful for water-based applications, such as sailing or fishing. The rope can be easily spotted – even against the dark backdrop of water – and can be used for rescue lines, mooring and towing, directing and guiding boats, and marking out specific areas in the water.


  1. User-friendly

Despite their strength and resilience, polypropylene ropes are relatively lightweight. They also have a smooth finish (which doesn’t splinter), they hold knots very well, and are typically sold on handy bulk reels with heat-sealed ends. As such, they’re incredibly user-friendly and easy to handle.


  1. High visibility

Polypropylene ropes are most commonly sold in blue, black and beige. But a range of other, brighter colourways is also now available. For example, here at RopesDirect, we currently stock them in red, orange, green, white and yellow as well – and these are a fantastic option for outdoor use.

Such eye-catching shades significantly improve visibility, allowing the rope to be seen in low-light conditions, harsh weather and against the darkness of a deep body of water.


  1. Versatile

Last but not least, polypropylene ropes come in a broad spectrum of diameters, from 4mm – 32mm.

This diameter determines the rope’s capabilities in terms of strength and load capacity. And with such a wide selection to choose from, the product is versatile and adaptable – and can be used for a diverse range of home and business-based applications.


Blue and white polypropylene ropes in RopesDirect warehouse


Think polypropylene is right for you?

Browse our full online collection today. We have a comprehensive range of blue and coloured polypropylene ropes for you to choose from – all of which are priced affordably (starting from just 18p per metre), in stock, and ready for immediate dispatch from our warehouse in Norfolk.

Or, if you’re still uncertain whether it’s the right product for your needs, be sure to watch our video ‘Polypropylene Rope in 80 seconds’ and read our previous blog ‘What is polypropylene rope used for?’. It’s also worth checking out our online tool, RopeFinder – which will help you to narrow down your search and select the ideal rope.


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