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Orange Duct Rope for cable pulling

Did you know, orange is the new blue?

In the world of cable pulling, Blue Polypropylene has long been the rope of choice – renowned for its superior strength and durability. But our Orange Duct Rope is a fantastic alternative.

Not only does it match Blue Polyprop on many of its beneficial properties, it offers excellent value for money – particularly when bought in bulk. And it could be an ideal choice for your requirements.

So, before you add anything to your basket, be sure to check out its credentials.


5 benefits of Orange Rope for cable pulling


  1. Strength

Made from polyethylene (PE), with a polyester core, our Orange Duct Rope is incredibly strong.

In fact, it has a maximum breaking load of 815kg and a spliced breaking load of 681kg (not test certified). This is approximately the same as that demonstrated by blue polypropylene of a similar size, making it suitable for commercial use as draw rope and for optical fibre installation.


  1. Ease of use

The 16-strand polyethylene cover of our Orange PE Rope has a ‘waxy’ feel. This reduces friction and demonstrates excellent resistance to abrasion. It can be smoothly pulled through ducts, making the process quick and easy, without causing any damage to the sheath.

Orange, 16-strand polyethylene duct rope from from RopesDirect

  1. Durability

Orange Polyethylene Rope is extremely hard-wearing. Not only does it offer superb resistance to acids and alkalis, it’s also UV-treated – making it a great option for prolonged outdoor use.


  1. Visibility

To do their job well, pulling ropes need to be clearly visible  – and our orange variety certainly meets this criterion. The bright shade is very easy to spot amongst black and grey cable ducts. And opting for such a distinctive colour will ultimately make the cabling process much easier.


  1. Value for money

Our Braided Orange Duct Rope is particularly affordable, but to increase your ‘value for money’ even further, quantity discounts are also available – so the more you buy, the less each individual reel will cost.

Compared to Blue Rope of a similar size and length, these prices are very competitive – making it a great option for those looking for a high-quality product on a slightly smaller budget.


Orange Duct Rope and Blue Rope

Draw ropes available at RopesDirect

Here at RopesDirect, we currently stock both of these types of draw rope.

Blue Polypropylene Rope is available in a variety of diameters and lengths, and can also be bought by the metre to suit your requirements.

Our Orange Polyethylene Rope comes in two sizes – 6mm on a 1490 spool and 6.9mm on a 500m reel.

Give either polypropylene or HDPE a go and let us know which you think works best for cable pulling. Or, if you’re a frequent user and advocate of Blue Duct Rope, why not try Orange Rope this time and see if you can be converted?

Either way, we’d love to see some photos of our ropes in action.

Whichever product you decide on, be sure to send us some feedback via our testimonials page or by emailing us directly at Or if you prefer, you can simply tag your pictures and leave a review on social media using @RopesDirect.


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