Tomatoes in tomato trellis

Create a tomato trellis with string

The easiest way to stake your tomato plants is with string.

It’s effective, low-cost, it makes cleaning up post-harvest an absolute breeze. And so, as we head towards ‘tomato planting season’, here we outline three simple string trellis options for you to consider.

Why not give one a go? Stock up on some garden string and let us know how well they work.


3 tomato trellis ideas that use string

  1. The classic tomato trellis

Example of tomato string trellis

Also known as the ‘Florida Weave’, this is a ‘horizontal style’ tomato string trellis.

Essentially, a length of twine is run between two wooden stakes – weaving it in and out of the tomato plants in a figure of eight, so that the plants are effectively sandwiched in between. Each stake should be approximately 5-10ft tall and, as the plants grow, you can add extra rows of twine. This creates an excellent level of support, without the need for additional stakes or clips.

This particular type of tomato trellis is suitable for both determinate and indeterminate plants. It’s quick and simple to make, easy to maintain, and uses the available space efficiently. Hardly surprising that it’s the same technique used by small-scale and commercial farmers.


  1. The ‘T-post’ tomato trellis

Tomato trellis idea

In contrast to the Florida Weave, this is a ‘vertical style’ tomato plant support.

Again, two wooden stakes are placed firmly into the ground – but this time, they’re joined at the top by an additional stake or pole. Individual lengths of string are tied along this pole, approximately 30cm apart, and secured into the soil using a garden pin. Tomato plants can then be positioned at the base of each, and twirled around each length of string as they start to shoot upwards.

This is a fantastic DIY tomato trellis if you wish to grow tall plants, such as cherry and grape tomato varieties. Even towards the end of the growing season, when the plant becomes top-heavy, it won’t fall over. And this will help to promote air circulation and (hopefully) lead to healthier tomatoes.


  1. The ‘inverted V’ tomato trellis

Tomato string trellis

Another vertical tomato trellis idea, which gets its name from its shape.

Two bamboo poles are tied together at the tip to form an upside-down ‘V’. You can make as many of these as you need to fill your growing bed and they should be positioned around 2-3ft apart. Then, a horizontal pole is run along the top and long lengths of garden string are tied between each ‘V’. This string can be loosely attached to the stem of the plant, offering gentle support as it grows.

Unlike the ‘T-post’, this vertical trellis is suitable for all types of tomato plant – including both tall and short varieties. You can simply adjust the height of the ‘V’ to meet your needs. It has a simple yet sturdy design, that is relatively easy to make, and is known for producing a good yield.


Eager to get started on your string trellis?

Most people have sown their tomato seeds by now, looking forward to planting them out by late May. Which means now is the time to get started and create a DIY tomato trellis for your home garden or allotment. Here at RopesDirect, we have a fantastic range of garden strings and twines for you to choose from – all of which are affordably priced.

So, why not add some to your basket and get green-fingered this spring?

And remember, we’d love to see the fruits of your labour (literally!). Whichever style you go for, send a photo of your new tomato string trellis – and the lovely tomatoes you grow as a result – to We’ll be sure to post some of the best on our social media pages.


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