Transform Your Garden With Decking Rope

How to Transform your Garden with Decking Rope

Decking Rope is one of the most sustainable forms of rope, especially synthetic hemp rope, which is UV resistant and has an extensive ability to withstand harsh conditions that ultimately prevent it from shrinking or rotting.

At RopesDirect, we offer different types of decking rope, including synthetic hemp rope, and jute decking rope, which is very easy to handle and is also extremely durable due to its polypropylene core. We also provide manila decking rope, which is also UV resistant and its fibres are made up of abaca plant, which is what makes it extremely robust and flexible.

All our decking rope is authentic-looking, affordable and versatile, which is why it is ideal for outside use – especially in your garden, where you can use it to transform and protect your furnishings and plants.

Top 4 ways decking rope can transform your garden

1. Decking protection

If you wish to rejuvenate the appearance of your decking, synthetic hemp decking rope is the perfect solution, due to its ability to withstand constant sunlight, and will not shrink in the event of rain.

It can also be easily attached to wooden posts for the perfect visual, whilst also acting as a sturdy barrier to surround a seating area or can be implemented to protect your plants.

We advise you wait for your rope to arrive before cutting or drilling posts etc, because rope can vary in diameter ever so slightly. And if you are feeding rope through a post, you should always drill a much larger hole – for example to feed a 32mm decking rope through a post, we would drill a 36mm hole, otherwise the rope will ‘bunch’ up as you try to feed it through.

jute decking rope

2. Lawn edging

Natural manila decking rope can be used to transform your garden’s aesthetic, especially if it is a small space, as it will make your garden appear larger. The rope can be used to section off your lawn from your path, giving the appearance of more space.

Manila rope is extremely long-lasting, and can last up to ten years or more. It is actually the best natural rope for use outside, which means your lawn edging will last for many years.

synthetic hemp decking rope3. Rope swings

If you are looking for a cheap but high-quality play area for your children, then a rope swing is the perfect way to make your garden child-friendly.

Synthetic hemp rope is the best material to use for rope swings, as it is soft to handle, which will prevent your children from facing any injuries whilst enjoying their new toy. It will also withstand all weather conditions, which means your children can play all year round, whatever the season.

Natural manila decking rope4. Hanging baskets

If you are looking to make your own hanging baskets, you do not have to be an agricultural expert, you just simply need to purchase some jute decking rope.

Jute rope is kind to skin and will help you create the best homemade flower baskets, which will rival your neighbours.  All you have to do is tie your decking rope in a knot and tie it around your flower pots, hang it off a hook and your garden will look better than it ever has.

Decking rope

Contact Ropes Direct

Here at RopesDirect, we offer an array of decking rope, which all have their own unique features that can be used for various applications.

Our jute decking rope comes in sizes 24mm to 36mm, whilst our manila decking rope ranges from 24mm to 40mm. You have even more choice with our synthetic hemp decking rope, which starts at 24mm to 140mm.

For further information on our decking rope products, please have a look at our online guide to buying rope.

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