Rope for Valentine's day crafts

Three Valentine’s Day craft ideas that use rope

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

We may still be in lockdown and most places remain shut. But love isn’t cancelled and, to get you in the romantic mood, here we’ve pulled together some of our favourite Valentine’s Day crafts.

These are a great way to pass a few hours, perhaps if you’re on furlough or are looking for a way to keep busy at home. They’re also a fantastic activity to do with the kids on a rainy weekend afternoon! All you need is a few lengths of rope, string or twine and you’re good to go.


  1. Heart-shaped string art

Example of Valentine's craft

This particular Valentine’s craft involves using wire nails and a hammer; so, if you’re crafting with children, they may need a little help and supervision. You’ll also need a small piece of wood or corkboard, and a ball of high-quality sisal twine.

It may appear like a tricky craft to master. But in practice, it’s actually quite easy. Simply hammer the nails into the shape of a heart on your wooden board, leaving approximately a 1-2” gap between each. To create the perfect heart-shape, we recommend printing or drawing a paper template.

Tie the sisal twine to a nail and wrap it around the circumference (at least once). Then comes the fun bit! Zig-zag randomly across the design, until you’ve filled the shape.

The result is super cute. And you can either gift your new string art to someone special in your life or use it as a decoration for Valentine’s Day.


  1. Heart garland

Valentine's craft idea

Another incredibly easy Valentine’s craft, which takes very little time, yet creates very impressive results. And all you need for this one is a piece of thick cardboard and 4mm cotton rope.

Start by drawing a heart-shape onto the cardboard and cut it out with scissors. Stick one end of the cotton rope to the middle of the heart using a small piece of tape and begin to wrap it – in all different directions – around the cardboard. Once all of the cardboard has been covered, simply snip the rope and secure it to the back with a knot.

As we said, these are simple yet effective. And you can experiment with different sizes and colours. Either use them to create a pretty garland for your bannister or arrange them on your dining table for a romantic ‘stay at home’ meal for two.


  1. Celtic heart rope knot

Valentine's craft idea

Tying the knot on Valentine’s day… it doesn’t get more romantic than that! Or at least we can suggest a brilliant craft idea, making these pretty ‘Celtic Hearts’. They can be used to make everything from bunting and table decorations to jewellery and accessories.

Many tutorial videos can be found online, which demonstrate step-by-step how to create the knot. It may look quite complicated. But don’t worry; you just need a length of high-quality paracord (and a little bit of patience!), and you’ll be knotting them up in no time.

Paracord is available in a rainbow of colours and patterns. So why not try a few? Or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could attempt a ‘Double Celtic Heart’ and use two colours simultaneously.


Invest in Valentine’s craft supplies today

If you’d like to try our Valentine’s craft ideas before February 14th, we have everything you need here at RopesDirect. We stock a comprehensive range of ropes and twines that are perfect for the projects listed above, including sisal twine, jute rope, cotton rope, multicoloured paracord and more. All of which are affordably priced and ready for next day delivery. So why not take a look today?

Once you’ve completed your project, we’d love to see the results. Please email us a photo of your handiwork using our ropes and twines, and we’ll post the best in this article!

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