28mm Synthetic Hemp Rope - 220 metre coil

Synthetic Hemp Rope – incredibly versatile!

Synthetic Hemp rope is incredibly versatile. It looks and feels like rope made from plant fibres but in fact it’s spun from polypropylene, making it strong, weather resistant and long lasting.

28mm Synthetic Hemp Rope - 220 metre coilPeople buy it from us for a whole range of home and garden projects.

We thought you might enjoy seeing how other people have used this really popular rope. Maybe these photos, kindly sent in by our satisfied customers, will inspire you or help in designing your own project.

28mm Synthetic Hemp used for a stairrail at Whitehaven LighthouseStair rail at Whitehaven Lighthouse

We are incredibly proud to have supplied 28mm Synthetic Hemp rope for the restored and beautiful Whitehaven Harbour Lighthouse, which was officially re-opened in April 2022. Synthetic Hemp makes a perfect stair rail in tight areas such as circular steps – in lighthouses, churches and homes!

Rope handrail made by previous customerA variation on that theme….

Here’s an outside handrail for a bridge. Read more about it in another article on our website: ropesdirect.co.uk/blog/how-to-make-a-rope-handrail.

Our Synthetic Hemp rope is often used as “barrier rope” outside.

Barrier rope helps people to walk the right way, to queue or to avoid an area. We have helped WWT Slimbridge and many others with this sort of job.

Garden Seat

Staying outside: this garden seat is suspended from four lengths of 18mm Synthetic Hemp rope. Each is secured with an eye splice at one end and rope grips at the other. Really stylish. And remember, Synthetic Hemp doesn’t rot and can survive for years in most climates.

All kinds of swings and rope ladders

Fence that uses synthetic hemp from RopesDirectHow about adding a stylish touch to fencing?

Synthetic Hemp rope used on garden deckingOr decking?

And the ultimate Synthetic Hemp showpiece.

Congratulations to our friends at Cheeky Monkey Treehouses.

So as you see… Synthetic Hemp rope is a great all rounder. Watch our video all about Synthetic Hemp to learn more.

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