WWT use our ropes at their Slimbridge visitor centre

We’re always modestly chuffed (downright proud actually!) when WWT ask us to help them.

We’ve supplied quite a bit of rope for their Wildfowl and Wetland visitor centres over the years, and they’ve kindly sent us some pictures.

Rope fencing at WWT SlimbridgeRope fencing at WWT Slimbridge

Glad to say they’ve re-opened their Slimbridge centre to the public. So now’s your chance to pop along if you can get there and see the fantastic work they do.

And whilst the wildlife and countryside are the star attractions, we’re happy to think that our ropes blend in elegantly.

Here they are in the play areas within the Riverlife area and in the North America Exhibit.

Tipi in WWT Slimbridge North America zoneWWT Slimbridge North America zone

And here’s more about WWT at Slimbridge www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/slimbridge


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