Example of rope fender made using jute rope

Splendido! How our ropes are used on high quality British dinghies

Doesn’t it look Splendido?!

Dinghy builder Mark at pondlifeworkshop.co.uk uses our 36mm Jute Rope as a stylish fender on his equally stylish craft.

We supply high quality natural and synthetic ropes for a huge range of uses, and Pondlife’s watercraft are a perfect example of how we can help. Mark has also chosen RopesDirect’s 10mm Synthetic Hemp for the painters.

As Mark says, they take pride in designing and building boats that will stand the test of time…. practical and stylish, giving you years of enjoyment.

We’re thrilled that our high quality ropes are part of that really special UK-produced craftsmanship.

Here’s our jute that looks so splendid on Splendido – https://www.ropesdirect.co.uk/jute-rope.html. Our full range of yacht, dinghy and marine ropes are here: https://www.ropesdirect.co.uk/yacht-dinghy-and-marine-ropes.html. And if you’d like to make your own rope fender, be sure to check out our blog for guidance.

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