Knot Your Knots: How to Tie Your Sea & Outdoor Ropes

Rope is one of the essential tools for surviving on land or out at sea; you should always have some high quality rope in your rucksack in case you need it yourself or pass some fellow travellers in need of some. Knowing how to tie a variety of knots with your rope is important for all kinds of reasons. Rock climbing, sailing, securing hiking gear and creating strong structures such as tents and hammocks all require strong and well crafted knots – sometimes your life might even depend on it!

Tying knots is a mechanical and specialist skill, but luckily it’s not too difficult to learn. There are many different kinds of knots, and each one is designed for a different activity or scenario, whether you’re a hiker, sailor, traveller or just curious to learn.

In just a few minutes, this infographic will teach you all the essential knots you should know as well as some bonus knots too. Follow our diagrams and step by step instructions to master the essential knots for your sea and outdoor ropes. You’ll be fit for your next outdoor adventure in no time!


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