DIY doormat made with our 10mm polypropylene rope

DIY doormat by Laurie!

We received a lovely review from customer Laurie who was pleased with the DIY doormat she made using RopesDirect rope.

She said: “I bought a few 10m bundles of rope of different colours recently… to make rope doormats. The price is great and one of the best around for value. Delivery was super fast. Wouldn’t hesitate ordering from this company again.”

That’s nice, thanks Laurie!

But it got us thinking… how did Laurie get on and therefore what did her doormat turn out like? She kindly sent us a couple of pictures. As you can see it looks just fine.

DIY doormat made with our 10mm polypropylene rope

Great fun to make and does the job nicely. Adds a splash of colour to her doorstep!

Laurie said: “I had been Googling for a doormat that would be weather resistant, not get soggy and would brighten up my freshly painted grey door and came across rope doormats.”

“I saw the price and just about choked so I Googled how to make them and it was pretty straight forward. I just needed a plank of wood, some poles and rope.”

How Laurie went about her DIY doormat

“You need about 50m of rope and just weave the rope round the poles then pass the rope through the hollow poles as in the tutorial to pull it together. You can use one continuous length if you want a solid colour or be adventurous like me and use different colours melting the ends together with a candle.

“It brightened up my front door and it was fun making it! It’s a good project for the clearance hanks of rope you advertise!”

DIY doormat made with our 10mm polypropylene rope

 All at your own risk etc!

Laurie chose 10mm Polypropylene Rope. She tells us she used this web page for instructions. We have to say that as a family business we cannot, and therefore do not, endorse this website nor its instructions. We simply pass this on for you to make up your own mind. The instructions call for you to fuse two ropes together – be aware that molten rope can cause burns so should you decide to undertake this, we would advise wearing protective gloves and taking great care / supervision.

We had a search ourselves and we found other webpages that use plaiting techniques for a DIY doormat, using Jute or Manila.

So if you get all crafty and make something fab with our rope, let us know. We’d love to see how you get on!

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