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Matt Black Cap End for 36mm Rope

Prompt efficient delivery. Quality materials

Quality product fast delivery

Matt Black Cap End for 36mm Rope

Raggs Rallison Rope hand rail fittings 9th September 2021

6mm Sisal Rope sold on a 220m coil

Great Service

We had a query before we ordered. That was answered super quickly. I ordered and again, arrived super quick. Product quality as expected. Should have enough to help replacing rope on the cat tower struts for a while.

8mm Sisal Rope sold by the 220m coil

Sue Lynock 8mm Sisal Rope sold by the 220m coil 9th September 2021

12mm Natural Flax Hemp Rope sold on a 50m reel

brilliant and trustworth

I bought 180M of rope for a set price, I was then emailed personally to tell me there was a better offer for more rope for less money. I was incredibly impressed and happy with the quick delivery and quality of product.

14mm Natural Flax Hemp Rope – 220m reel

Oscar Holgate 14mm rope 220m 8th September 2021

Solid Brass End Plate/Cup for Rope

36mm synthetic rope and brass cups for decking

the ropes and cups were delivered very promptly. i had asked for specific lengths and these were cut accurately and marked accordingly, thank you! i initally tried to drill through the rope, but found that the hole closed up when fitting the cup as these are quite tight on the rope (as they should be). i then heated a thin spike using a blowtorch, and this did the job perfectly. my only criticism is that the cups were missing one bag of three screws, but i had replacements anyway.

andrew perks 36mm synthetic rope and brass cups 7th September 2021

Siasl Rope sold by the metre

Looped rope

Sue Fox Looped rope 7th September 2021

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Jackie Marshall 6th September 2021

24mm Synthetic Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Excellent service

Our order arrived within 3 days of placing the order. The delivery was excellent. We were kept well informed about the arrival of the delivery. The rope all came exactly as we requested, cut to the correct lengths and sealed at the end. It looks great around our decking.

24mm Synthetic Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Helen Leicester Rope 6th September 2021

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Recent order from Rope Direct

Very impressed with all the rope products and the all important delivery was on time.


Philip Dowthwaite Ropes various 4th September 2021

18mm Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope sold per metre

Excellent service

Rope arrived very promptly and is ideal for the purpose intended. It is in situ and doing a great job.

12mm Synthetic Hemp Rope sold by the metre

Fisher 12mm synthetic hemp rope 2nd September 2021

12mm White Magician's Cord - 100m reel


Very fast and efficient service, Great price good product, I will be using company again

12mm White Magician’s Cord – 100m reel

Ian Simpson 2nd September 2021