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Celebrate National Pet Day with a rope pet toy

Are you a dog or cat lover?

Either way, pets have helped us through the pandemic – providing companionship and consistency when we’ve needed it the most. And with National Pet Day coming up on April 11th, now is the perfect time to show your furry friend how much they mean to you and spoil them rotten.

So, why not give them a DIY rope toy?

Here at RopesDirect, we stock a range of cotton and sisal ropes that can be used to make a fantastic chewing, tugging or chasing toy – for cats and dogs of all sizes. These are available for an affordable price, yet are still exceptional quality, and will provide hours of fun. Just take a look at some of our ideas for inspiration, order your rope today, and celebrate the special animal in your life this April.


Rope toys for dogs

dog with cotton rope toy

Every dog loves a double knot rope toy, right? They can chew them, catch them, play tug of war with them. This is an absolute must-have for any pup’s toy box. And although we don’t sell double knot dog toys per se, it’s so easy to make your own using our 24mm cotton rope. Just purchase a 1-2 metre length and tie a simple overhand knot at each end. It’s as quick and easy as that. Or, to make a rope ball dog toy, thread the cotton rope through a rubber ball before tying.

Check out our recent customers, Poppy and Cooper – two German Shorthaired Pointers from Kent. They were absolutely delighted with their new soft cotton rope chews.

We’d always prefer soft, natural ropes to be used for dogs, without dyes. And even then, as dog lovers ourselves, we’d always advise keeping a watch. As with any toy – or piece of furniture – some dogs just get carried away!

We also stock just the right ropes and cords to make a rope dog lead – choose from our range of synthetic cotton and polycotton ropes. So if you’d prefer to treat your four-legged friend to a practical present instead, we’ve got it covered.


Rope for cats

Rope for cats

We cater for cute kittens too.

Our coir fenders make a brilliant cat toy. They may be intended for use on a boat. But as they’re constructed from 100% natural coir – they’re lightweight yet durable, and will provide hours of scratching and pawing fun. And they require zero effort on your behalf. Simply choose between a round or cylindrical fender, attach it to your cat’s activity centre, and it’s good to go.

Alternatively, we stock high-quality sisal rope – which is the perfect rope for making a cat scratching post. This requires a bit of time. But they’re actually quite easy (and fun!) to make. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found in our previous blog ‘How to make a cat scratching post’. But essentially, it involves wrapping a length of sisal around a wooden post and securing it in place.

Or if you’d prefer to keep things simple, just invest in a few lengths of coloured cord and either dangle these from a height or drag them around for your kitty to chase. The possibilities are endless!


Get ready for National Pet Day

In our opinion, National Pet Day is the perfect excuse to spoil our pets (even more than we usually do!) and show them a little extra love. So, why not browse our range of high-quality ropes for dogs and cats? Add a few to your basket and create some DIY rope toys in time for the 11th. They don’t cost much, but we guarantee they will be much appreciated by your fur baby!

And remember to send us some photos. We’re true animal lovers, here at RopesDirect. If you make a new pet toy using our ropes, it would be great to see the results. Simply email them over to and we’ll post some of the cutest on our social media pages.


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