dogs holding cotton rope toys

Meet Poppy and Cooper – who love their dog toy made with our rope!

And what’s not to love?

Poppy, 7, and Cooper, 6, are German Shorthaired Pointers who live in Kent and love their soft cotton rope dog toys.

You can chew them, play tug of war with them, run around with them. And the knots in both ends make ‘em easy to pick up and play with!

Our thanks to Poppy and Cooper’s mum Emma for sharing these fab photos.

We don’t sell dog toys but we do sell 24mm Cotton Rope which people are buying to make their own – you just need to tie knots at each end to create a cheap but brilliant dog toy.

Another of our customers, John, bought exactly the same rope for his dog, and told us afterwards: “I ordered 3 metres which has given me 3 toys and helped share the cost of postage. Absolutely brilliant. Dog loves his new toys and they are comparable in price and quality. Excellent delivery time too.”

You can read both Emma and John’s feedback on buying rope for their dog toys on our “Testimonials” page:

Or just ask Poppy and Cooper…

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