What is Manilla Rope?

What is Manilla Rope? And Uses

Manila Rope is a natural fibre rope which has been in use for centuries in a huge range of applications, owing to its durability, flexibility, strength and resistance to water damage. Manila rope is made from naturally-occurring Manila hemp, derived from the leaves of the abacá plant – a particularly strong, tough natural fibre which grows plentifully across the Philippines.

Named because of the historical centre of production, Manila, capitol of the Philippines, the Manila hemp rope available from Ropes Direct is still made there, drawing on the huge wealth of experience and expertise available in this traditional production centre. The craftsmen who create the Manila rope sold here at Ropes Direct are part of a lineage stretching back centuries, ensuring a great quality, versatile end product for our customers!

What are the Benefits of Manila Rope?

Manila rope is a strong, tough, long-lasting natural fibre rope. A great all-round performer, it doesn’t sacrifice flexibility for strength, and won’t degrade when exposed to sea water, making it perfect for use in marine applications and intense saltwater exposure, like rigging and fishing nets – although it tends to shrink when wet, which may be either an advantage or a hindrance. Knots tied in wet Manila rope will become much tighter and much less likely to slip or give; though they will also be harder to undo if necessary.

Manila rope is particularly durable, and as the abacá plants from which it is made can be produced by farming, Manila hemp is a much more environmentally friendly rope material than the nylon and polymers used in synthetic rope types.

What are the Uses of Manila Rope?

Sailing and Marine Use

As described above, Manila rope is highly resistant to damage from salt water, making it an ideal choice for boating and marine use. Hardy and long-lasting, it can be depended on for any boating or sailing task! However, it is important to note that it has a tendency to shrink when wet, making knots tied with Manila rope constrict somewhat in wet environments.

Swings and Outdoors

Ideal for use outside, Manila rope lends itself well to use in swings and children’s playsets. Commonly used in rigging and military training areas, this hardy rope can withstand the elements well and is more than strong enough for use in rope swings, rope ladders and other playset features!

Battle Ropes

Manila battle rope is an increasingly popular part of many exercise routines. It’s impossible to walk into a gym or training area now without seeing huge lengths of this sturdy, flexible rope coiled in the corner or laid out along long training zones. A particularly versatile piece of exercise equipment, manila battle ropes can be used as part of a weights-based or cardio-based exercise routine, with various workout plans using the weight and resistance of the ropes to work difficult muscle groups, build endurance, burn fat and cultivate muscle growth.

Manila battle rope from Ropes Direct comes with glued and heat set ends, making sure that they won’t fray or unravel even after long periods of heavy use. Suitable for endurance-based workouts like manila battle rope waves, in which a rope in each hand is waved up and down independent of the other, keeping muscles under tension for long periods of time to burn fat and boost stamina, these ropes can also be used to increase core power by repeated raising and slamming down of the rope ends, building strength and working many muscle groups at once.

If you haven’t already added Manila battle rope to your gym, sports club or personal training gear, you should consider them – one of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment, they can be integrated into any training regime to produce impressive results!

Barrier Ropes

Barrier ropes are an excellent way to delineate off-limits areas or restrict access to an area without compromising on looks and adaptability. Easy to unhook and remove, these Manila rope barriers come with a variety of available fittings and hooks in a range of materials, including brass, chrome, black nickel and brushed chrome, making sure that your rope barriers can be made to fit any aesthetic.

If you are interested in Manila rope or Manila battle rope, and you would like more information, you can get in touch with Ropes Direct on 01692 671721 or use the contact form on this site! The rope experts at the Ropes Direct head office will be able to answer any questions you might have, and can provide you with a quote, process an order, or simply provide the advice you need to find the perfect manila rope solution to suit your needs!

Just call them on 01692 671721 or contact them online today!

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