Why rope is a great edging tool for a nautical themed garden

 Our rope range is ideal for a variety of garden projects and we find it’s practical and effective as an edging tool, particularly if you are designing a nautical themed garden.

Use rope to determine the edges of a lawn and it provides a clean, uncluttered appearance, plus it looks good which is a real bonus as well.

If you haven’t used rope for edging before just try it, there are numerous advantages, some of which are covered in our latest blog.

Why use manila rope as an edging tool?

The main advantages…

  • It’s attractive – You can’t deny rope looks good in a garden. It’s a natural looking product, it’s been used as a design feature for years in gardens and then proof is in the pudding, rope is charming and works well wherever you decide to use it.
  • It’s unusual – People are fixated on stone edging products and rolls of logs as edging tools, so why not take a break from convention and do something different with your garden this year. Use rope to break up the edges of the lawn, it’s different and it makes a refreshing change.   
  • It provides a rustic feel – Looking for the rustic look in your garden? See the difference rope makes to the edges of your lawn. It’s traditional yet tasteful, quaint but quirky. Rope is rustic and looks great in a seaside themed garden.
  • It’s competitively priced – The cost of rope makes it a viable proposition too. Price up the cost of manila rope as an edging tool and you’ll notice how reasonable it is compared to other base materials. 
  • It’s easy to work with – The other main benefit of rope as en edging tool is the ease in which it lends itself to gardening projects. Lay it out, spike it down and you create the perfect edge, all you need is a little patience and very limited gardening knowledge to use rope in an effective way.  

See that seaside themed garden brought to life.

Buy rope and use it as an edging tool. 

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