Tug of War – fun or battle?

Tug of War competitions have taken place the world over for thousands of years and whilst there are still formal battles for most of us it is just some Summer fun. There are, of course, strategies that help make a winning team but in the main it is just a matter of pulling as a team and knowing when to rest. Normally done on dry Summer days but let's face it, it is far more fun to be on the winning team on a wet day when the losers fall over into the mud!

So, what to do? Get yourself a good long piece of rope, preferably natural and smooth, mark the centre point, assemble two teams and get pulling. You can use a coach, but really why? After all this is more about the taking part and the celebratory drinks before and after.

Go on, get outside and take part. Whilst I am sure there is an app for this, isn't actually doing it much more fun.

Tog of War ropes from Ropes Direct.

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