Our draw cord / duct rope is helping to bring ultra-fast broadband to homes in the South and East of the UK. We're proud to supply Trooli, which has laid an incredible 4.8 million metres of fibre, using our blue polypropylene rope.
500m reel of-6mm blue polypropylene from RopesDirect

Trooli versatile – our draw cord / duct rope !

Our draw cord / duct rope is being used to bring ultra-fast broadband to homes in the South and East of the UK.

We’re proud to supply Trooli, a company that is truly making a huge impact. So far it has connected more than 270,000 homes to its fibre broadband network. That’s an incredible 4.8 million metres of fibre, pulled through underground ducts with our blue polypropylene rope!

Great value for money

Trooli chooses to use our 6mm blue polypropylene rope as a draw cord. It is great value for money, easy to transport and deploy, and easily strong enough for the job.

We asked them why they trust RopesDirect, and they told us it’s because we offer “… a reliable service, being a main rope supplier, so we never have to worry about having stock available.”

Here’s a picture, from our warehouse, of the latest little consignment, ready to be loaded up and delivered super fast (wrapped in black plastic, not the two demo reels in front!!). By the time you read this article, the rope here will be put to great use, pulling fibre cable to people’s homes and businesses to reach homes and businesses, from Norfolk to the South Coast. By the way, they have ambitious and exciting growth plans so check if they can supply you, on their website.

A broad range of draw cord / duct rope

12mm Blue Polypropylene Rope from RopesDirect

We sell a broad range of rope suitable for drawing cables on our website. Blue polyprop draw cords generally start at 6mm but we stock much thicker diameters should you need. And we also stock orange and yellow polypropylene and orange HDPE rope. We can supply spools up to 4250 metres long. If you can’t see exactly what you need for your business requirements, give us a call on 01692 671721 and we can help you find the right solution.

We have a great video all about draw cord / duct rope , with film kindly supplied by a different RopesDirect customer in the utilities industry – take a look!

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