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Rope Ladders & Swings: The Perfect Adventure Toys!

At Ropes Direct, we know the importance of having fun – especially for children who want nothing more than to adventure outside for a while! That’s why we have put together the Play is Fun! range, which includes rope ladders, climbing ropes, rope swings and much, much more. Whatever you are setting up for your little ones, we can help – just let us know what you need!

Rope Ladders, Climbing Ropes and Rope Swings

The mainstays of our Play is Fun! range are our rope ladders, rope swings and climbing ropes. Available in a length that suits you, these toys are made with strong, durable and soft synthetic hemp rope to provide the best possible play experience – whether your child is enjoying a relaxing swing or scaling the rigging of a mighty pirate ship!

Children's Rope Ladder

Rope Ladders

The rope ladders from Ropes Direct come in a variety of lengths, with varying numbers of rungs to suit your needs. The top of the ropes are finished with galvanised steel rings, providing a strong, durable mooring, and the hardwood rungs are more than strong enough to be climbed for hours. Treated to resist sun, wind and rain, these rungs can match the weatherproof synthetic hemp rope for endurance, making this toy one thing that will last the test of time and provide hours of fun again and again!

Climbing Ropes

A climbing rope can be a great way for children to explore, build fitness and coordination, and connect play areas together. Easy to install and made from long-lasting, soft, strong synthetic hemp rope, the climbing ropes available from Ropes Direct are finished with a galvanised steel ring and a black plastic weld end cap, preventing unravelling and keeping the rope strong for years of use. With a selection of metal fittings, extension ropes and extra rope available in our store, you will always be able to fit the perfect climbing rope for your play set – let us know what you need and we’ll help you find it!

Rope Swing Sets

When you’re choosing a rope swing for your swing set, look no further than Ropes Direct. Our collection of rope swings includes traditional wooden swing seats, made to last and with rounded edges for maximum comfort and safety, and a selection of woods depending on what you’re looking for – from strong, comfortable pinewood to durable, beautiful English Oak, we can help. We also stock a range of plastic seats and wraparound swing seats for rope swings , and all of our swings come with strong, soft synthetic hemp rope to connect them to the swing set or fasten to the bough. And speaking of boughs…

Tree Swings

A range of tree swings and wooden swing seats are available from Ropes Direct, all made with the same great attention to detail and traditional master craftsmanship that marks everything Ropes Direct does! With a  range of swing seat materials and design options ranging from wooden swing seats made with traditional English Oak or carved pine, through to moulded plastic or wraparound swing seats and monkey swings for maximum monkey business – whatever the perfect swing for your child is, we can provide it!

Our tree swings, both the traditional wooden swing variety and the modern plastic types, use the same extremely high-quality synthetic hemp rope as our other play range items, providing a soft, strong and rot-proof rope which is ideal for long-term outdoor use. One of our tree swings even is a particularly huge length of synthetic hemp rope, woven to 140mm thick, making a perfect, versatile swing for multiple children or allowing incorporation into a playset or swing set as an adventure piece!

All of our tree swings are designed to be looped over a bough and securely fastened, but they may also be attached to swing sets or playsets where suitable. Talk to the experts at Ropes Direct today so see what we can do for you! We’ll be happy to provide any help you need in choosing or adapting a rope swing to suit you!

Children’s Acrobatic Equipment

At Rope’s Direct, we stock a wide range of children’s acrobatic equipment, including hardwood trapezes and gym rings. These sturdy, adaptable toys are perfect for use with swing sets or as tree swings, with soft, sturdy synthetic hemp rope and a choice of attachments, like plastic or metal gym rings to make them even more versatile. The only limit is your child’s imagination – so get in touch with Ropes Direct today on 01692 671721 or email us on info@ropesdirect.co.uk for more information!

Rope Tree Swing

What Sort of Ropes are Used for Children’s Rope Ladders and Swings?

At Ropes Direct, we have a choice of hundreds of types of rope to use in our swing sets, acrobatics equipment and rope ladders. Out of our full selection, we carried out test after test to determine the best rope for use with children’s play sets, and after exhaustive checks, we finally settled on synthetic hemp rope as the ideal – more than strong enough to be safe and effective, durable and very long-lasting, waterproof and rot-proof (making it perfect for outside use), synthetic hemp rope is also soft and kind to hands, so you never need to worry about your little ones’ hands when they play on our swing sets!

Synthetic Hemp Rope

Synthetic hemp rope is one of the most popular ropes sold by Ropes Direct, for good reason – as noted above, our synthetic hemp rope is very strong and durable, UV-resistant, waterproof, and won’t shrink or swell when wet, which naturally suits it to use on boats and marinas, as well as in outdoor applications – handrails, lashings and children’s play areas.

Easier on skin than other rope types, synthetic hemp rope is soft to the touch while still providing a firm grip, and can be easily knotted and incorporated into existing play sets. Synthetic hemp rope also has the appearance of traditional natural rope, lending a classic look to all your play areas!

The Benefits of Playing with Rope Ladders and Rope Swings

Physical play is important for a child’s development, with benefits across the board. Climbing, playing on swings and adventure play help to promote healthy growth and development, building strong hearts, muscles and bones, and helping them to learn and practice essential movement skills. Climbing and swinging play especially helps to develop movement, balance, coordination and reflexes – so make sure they’ve got the best possible start with a rope ladder or rope swing from Ropes Direct!

Play is Fun!

The Play is Fun! range available from Ropes Direct provides a fantastic selection of adventure play toys, from the familiar rope ladders and tree swings to more exotic items like ziplines, climbing ropes and climbing stones! If you need extension ropes or other accessories, we can help – just get in touch to find out more about what we can do for you!

Contact Ropes Direct for Rope Ladders and Rope Swings Today!

For more information about the rope ladders, climbing ropes and rope swings available from Ropes Direct, you can get in touch with us at any time using our telephone number, 01692 671721, or email us on info@ropesdirect.co.uk today! The experts at our head office will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and can provide any advice or answers you may need. We look forward to speaking to you!

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