Rope handrails bring your project to life

Rope handrails bring your home or garden project to life.

We’ve been sent some amazing examples by our customers, who have used a bit of creative flair – and our thicker diameter ropes – for home and garden handrails.

So we thought we’d share a few with you.

Sean’s staircase bannister rail uses a deep blue rope that we were pleased to supply, set off with our lovely brass fittings. It all comes together to make a stylish colour feature in a neutral colour environment.

Rope bannister with brass fittings from Ropes Direct          Rope bannister with brass fitting from Ropes Direct

Another great idea to keep your home looking bigger and airy is to use rope as a balustrade, like this example below. Rope balustradeWe supplied synthetic hemp for this job. It makes for a safety featuee that the eye can see well past.

The same principle can be used in the garden. Wendy’s photo, below, shows how you can incorporate a coloured rope in the garden as a handrail, keeping that soft-look.

Post and rope fence made using rope from RopesDirect

And we still absolutely love the use of our barrier rope as handrails on decking outside this property – choosing a colour that matches the decor.

Barrier rope on decking, from RopesDirect

So if you’re inspired, check out our huge range of ropes. We have natural ropes, synthetic ropes, thick and thin ropes. Barrier, bannister and decking ropes:

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