Synthetic Hemp rope from RopesDirect used as a rope handle on decking

Using rope in gardens

We are seeing more and more people using rope in gardens.

Very often people choose Synthetic Hemp rope (which is what we often recommend). It’s easy to see why, from these lovely photos sent in by customer Ian.

Synthetic Hemp rope from RopesDirect used as a rope handle on decking

He built this walkway through his back garden, in what will be a Tropical Area. The planting is in its early stages but in a year or two the plants will grow up and around the bridge, giving it a wonderful rainforest feel!

Synthetic Hemp looks as if it is made from natural plant fibres but in fact it is made from spun Polyester. This makes it long lasting. It won’t rot and retains its look for years to come. It’s strong, with a soft fibrous feel and easy to work with.

18mm Synthetic Hemp Garden Decking Rope

Synthetic Hemp also has the advantage of being brilliant value for money. Ian chose 28mm rope for his tropical garden walkway, which is pretty much what we would recommend for that sort of project. At £4.32/metre (June 2022) it is cost-effective.

The rope in the above pictures has been secured to the posts with wraps. We’re not sure if Ian has used hidden nails, but it works beautifully. Some people choose to drill holes through the posts and pass the rope through. If that’s what you are planning then be sure to read our instructions and watch our video before you proceed – so you get it right first time.

Have a look at some more Synthetic Hemp ideas. And to buy, you can browse our wide selection of Synthetic Hemp here.

Or try PolyCotton rope

Post and rope fence made using rope from RopesDirect

But just a thought – in this rope walkway they have used olive green PolyCotton Rope. This is also made from spun Polyester and is even softer than Synthetic Hemp. What’s more it comes in a veritable rainbow of colours!

PolyCotton rope is often used for rope barriers – the kind of thing you see in cinemas – but it’s equally up to the job in the right garden setting. Have a look at our range of Polycotton Ropes.




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