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Prepare your cricket pitch for the new season

Great news – recreational cricket has been given the green light for 2021.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has announced its COVID-19 roadmap for the months ahead. And in line with government guidance, organised outdoor cricket was able to resume from 29th March, and (if all goes to plan) spectators will be allowed to attend from 12th April.

Of course, there are rules and restrictions to abide by. But as a cricketer, you can enjoy a full six-month season. Which means it’s time to get organised and prepare your cricket pitch. It’s bound to need some TLC after being out of action for so long. And to help, here we’ve rounded up a few tips.


3 steps to prepare for the 2021 recreational cricket season


  1. Invest in some new cricket equipment

Last year was incredibly disappointing for cricketers, with matches banned for many months. But… onwards and upwards. 2021 is a fresh start. And after spending so much time in storage, your equipment is likely to need an update. So, why not invest in some fresh equipment too?

From stumps and sightscreens to pitch covers and boundary ropes, it’s a case of ‘out with the old in with the new’. And if you’re looking to buy some new cricket boundary ropes, be sure to make RopesDirect your first port of call. We stock 20-32mm white polypropylene ropes that are perfect for outdoor cricket matches – and these can be bought either by the metre or in 220m coils.

cricket pitch maintenance


  1. Conduct essential pitch maintenance

The importance of cricket pitch maintenance, particularly after the winter, cannot be understated.

Approximately 14 days before your first match, you should start by removing any debris and rubbish, pulling out weeds, and repairing any small holes or hollows that have appeared. You will then need to mow the surface, assess the moisture level of the soil, and do 20-30 minutes of rolling per day. Finally, on the day of the match, brush the grass and mark out individual pitch positions.

It’s all about creating a firm, level playing surface that offers good bounce.


  1. Ensure the pitch is COVID-secure

Yes, recreational cricket can go ahead – but all clubs are required to carry out a COVID risk assessment and put in place control measures to limit the virus’ transmission during play.

For example, all participants should be made fully aware of the rules and undergo a personal symptom check at home prior to matches. The ball will need to be cleaned every 6 overs (so it’s a good idea to stock up on disinfectant wipes!). Players should also use their own equipment wherever possible and remain socially distanced at all times, even during wicket celebrations.

Detailed information on these measures can be found in the ECB’s roadmap. Therefore, in the lead up to your first match, it’s worth giving them a read and bringing other participants up to speed too.


Order your new cricket boundary ropes today


Boundary ropes available at RopesDirect

All of our cricket boundary ropes are currently in stock and ready for next day delivery. They’re exceptional quality, rot and UV resistant, and designed with prolonged outdoor use in mind. For a regulation cricket pitch, we typically recommend buying two full 220m coils – and these are priced very affordably, ranging from £129.60 to £331.80 (per coil) depending on the diameter.

So, why not browse the collection? Select the ideal boundary ropes for your pitch and get ready for the much-anticipated 2021 cricket season. And when match day rolls around, be sure to take some photos of your carefully prepared pitch – and our cricket boundary ropes in action! We’ll be sure to post them on our social media pages and give your team a shout out.


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