Dairy farm that uses polysteel rope

Polysteel – the perfect replacement scraper rope

Preparing to bring your cattle inside for the winter?

Time to make sure your rope scraper is in the best possible condition.

Livestock shed scrapers are one of the most effective ways to keep cubicles and feed passages clean – safeguarding the hygiene, safety and welfare of your herd. And generally speaking, they’re easy to use and require very little in the way of maintenance.

But the reality is, the rope won’t last forever.

Repeatedly coiled around the drum, it’s exposed to a lot of friction – plus the wet, damp conditions of the shed. Over time, wear and tear is inevitable. It doesn’t matter which brand or model you own or how strong and durable the original rope claimed to be. At some point, it may need replacing.

The question is – do you return to the manufacturer? Or shop around for a potentially better option?


Polysteel rope available at RopesDirect


Here at RopesDirect, we’re certainly not experts in slurry management and – admittedly – we don’t have a lot of experience in maintaining shed scrapers. But as a leading online specialist in ropes, we do believe we have the ideal replacement scraper rope for your system.

20mm Polysteel.

In fact, it’s not just us who believe that.

For wise dairy farmers up and down the country – who need a reliable and long-lasting replacement for their scraper – our polysteel rope has become a go-to choice. Read on to learn why.


4 reasons to choose our polysteel for your livestock shed scraper


1. Strength

Polysteel is made from a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene.

As rope materials go, these are both pretty strong – and when you put them together, this strength is magnified. Polysteel rope is around 25-30% stronger than its two constituent parts.

It may not contain any actual steel, but it certainly lives up to its namesake.

This exceptional strength also translates into a high minimum breaking load. Whilst our 20mm polysteel isn’t test certified, our manufacturer advises an approximate minimum breaking strength of 6752kg – meaning it can easily handle even the most demanding of winching operations.

And the best bit? If it gets wet, polysteel rope doesn’t lose any of this remarkable strength. Crucial, if it’s going to work as part of an effective slurry management system!


2. Durability

Manufactured in Europe – to EN ISO 14687: 2004 standards – our polysteel rope is of the highest quality, and boasts a range of properties which add to its overall strength and durability.

For example, it demonstrates excellent resistance to rot and mildew. It’s completely unaffected by urine and manure. It’s trample-proof. And thanks to its tightly woven fibres, it benefits from superior abrasion resistance – whilst also protecting against friction and dirt ingress.

Essentially, it’s designed and made with longevity in mind.

Even if you keep your cattle in the shed 365 days a year, our polysteel rope can successfully withstand wear and tear – and often lasts longer than the original manufacturer ropes.


3. Safety

It’s important to choose a replacement rope that won’t affect the safety of your slurry management system. After all, the main purpose of a rope scraper is to create a cleaner, safer environment for your cattle – ensuring happier and healthier cows and (ultimately) boosting profitability.

Polysteel is the perfect candidate.

It’s 100% animal friendly, gentle on hoofs and won’t have any adverse effects on your herd’s health.


4. Affordability

Scraper ropes can be expensive, especially those from the original manufacturer. On average, they can cost £4-7 per metre or more. Which means, if you have a particularly long livestock shed or need to keep several feed passages clean, the total cost of a replacement quickly adds up.

By contrast, our green polysteel rope is a very economical option.

Currently, a 220m roll of 20mm polysteel is available from our online store for £297.60 (October 2023) – which equates to just £1.35 per metre. It’s a high-performance product, that will do the same job as your original rope (if not better!) whilst also offering excellent value for money.


Prepare your rope scraper for the winter

Forget about paying over the odds or making do with old ropes that have seen better days. Polysteel is the perfect replacement scraper rope – tried and tested by savvy dairy farmers – that will ensure your livestock shed scraper is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Still not sure if it’s the right choice for you?

Our YouTube video features lots of extra information about polysteel rope and should help with your decision. So be sure to subscribe to our channel and take a look.



Further information can also be found throughout our website.

We may not be experts in agriculture or the day-to-day maintenance of a dairy farm. But we do have exceptional knowledge of our product range. More details can be found on our polysteel category page, as well as our previous blog ‘Polysteel rope – the ultimate misnomer’. Plus, our ‘Help Choosing Rope’ section is great if you need help with your purchase.

If you’re still struggling or have a question about the polysteel rope for sale in our online store, you’re also welcome to get in touch. Simply send an email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



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