New video – Polypropylene Rope in 80 seconds!

Have a look at our  new video – all about Polypropylene Rope in 80 seconds (it was meant to be 60 seconds, but we got carried away!)

Picture of polypropylene rope

You’re welcome to view it – it is on our YouTube channel: . And once you’ve had a look, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Polypropylene rope is one of the most popular types of rope because it is strong, inexpensive and used everywhere: on building sites, to tie down tarpaulins, on trailors, lorries, in gardens… you name it. The great thing is that it combines all-round usefulness with being inexpensive.

Some people call it ‘blue rope’ because …. yes, you guessed it, blue polypropylene rope is blue! But good old polyprop comes in lots of different colours and all sorts of diameters. Our red, orange, green, white, yellow, black or beige polypropylene ropes are great where you want to make a visual impact… perhaps at a business premises or a display at a show.

We sell it by the metre, reel or discount bulk coil.

And if you’re looking for a one-kilometre length of blue polypropylene rope we won’t bat an eyelid. We sell those; they are used as drawcords by utility companies.

Different, processed forms of polypropylene areused to make lots more types of ropes. Once the fibres are spun or mixed with other materials, you get Staplespun and Polysteel ropes. We didn’t have the time to go into all of that in our Polypropylene Rope video – we will tackle those in future films.

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