Jute string at Whippletree Farm

Jute string – a popular choice for gardens

Ready to say hello to delicious spring veg?

Us too!

Time to sample some of the delicious mangetout/ sugar snap peas currently on the go at Whippletree Farm. That’s our jute string holding up the pea netting!

Whippletree Farm is an amazing agroecological producer based on the edge of Dartmoor. Their impressive market garden was established in 2013 and, since then, they’ve become a leading supplier of high-quality vegetables, salads and herbs to local businesses and farmers’ markets.

When proprietor, Becky, left us a glowing review regarding her recent purchase of natural jute string, we couldn’t resist getting in touch. We always love to see our strings and twines in action. And upon our request, she very kindly took time out of her busy day, to take a few snaps of the early crop and send them over to us.

They look great, right?


Jute twine used to support pea netting


As you can see, our jute twine has been expertly used to support the pea netting inside the polytunnel. And we have it on good authority that it does the job very well. Here’s why.


1. It’s reliable

In her lovely testimonial, Becky mentioned how our natural jute string supported the pea netting, without any breakages throughout the season – and there’s a reason for that!

All of our twines and strings are manufactured to the best possible standards. When you order from us, you can expect consistently high levels of quality and durability. Our jute string is incredibly strong yet soft and flexible, allowing plants to grow to their full potential without causing any damage – or snapping at the first sign of a storm!


2. It’s eco-friendly

Jute twine is a natural product. Not only is it derived from a plant (Corchorus capsularis), which can be grown successfully without the need for pesticides, its production is deemed ‘carbon neutral’ and the final material is 100% biodegradable. Which, for a sustainable agroecological producer such as Whippletree Farm, ranks high on the priority list!

After the twine has fulfilled its purpose, it can be added to the farm’s compost heap – helping to reduce their plastic waste. And in some cases (e.g. when growing tomato plants), this can save a lot of time, as the plants don’t need to be removed from their support before composting.


Natural jute twine used at Whippletree Farm


3. Affordable

We currently offer 250m of 3-ply jute string for just £4.74 (including VAT). An affordable price, perfect for any business that requires a large and continuous supply.

If you live nearby and wish to keep costs to an absolute minimum, you’re welcome to collect your order from our warehouse in Norfolk, completely free of charge. Or if you prefer, you can arrange to have the natural jute twine delivered to any UK address for a small £6.50 fee.

Either way, you’ll receive an exceptional product in perfect condition – every single time.


Eat some sugar snaps and get in touch


Jute string available at RopesDirect


If you’ve also shopped with us recently – whether for jute string, like that used by Becky, or any of our other products – we’d love to hear from you. We’re always delighted to read your views and see photographs of our ropes and twines in use, and contacting us is really easy. You can either submit a testimonial using our online form or send an email to info@ropesdirect.co.uk.

We always post the stories on social media and promote our customer’s interests as much as ours. And with that in mind…

If you live in the area and fancy trying some of Whippletree Farm’s yummy sugar snap peas, why not head down to Teign Valley Farmers Market? We’re sure they’ll pop up there, ready to eat, any day now. Or if you don’t live nearby, you can also email Becky directly (becky@whippletreefarm.co.uk) to place your spring veg order, or join their mailing list for regular updates on their latest crop.


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