How to survive a bungee jump

 Elasticated shock cords should be long-lasting, weather and wear-resistant too, that’s the first thing you should establish if you are thinking of taking part in a bungee jump.

Other thoughts will cross your mind like, ‘why did I say yes to this?’ or ‘is it too late to run away?’ but you are committed, you’ve agreed to do this jump and unless you switch your phone off and hide away from your pals for a while, there’ll be no escape.
Your knees might be knocking at this moment so do everything you can to survive the jump, use our tips and BUNGEE!!!!….
Pick a reputable company – Firstly, find a respectable bungee jumping company, don’t trust a guy with a crane in a car park, jump with a team that are well-known and well-respected in the industry, in particular, check their safety record for peace of mind. 
Listen to everything they say – You are about to jump hundreds of feet with an elasticated cord tied to your person, this isn’t a time to daydream. The bungee jumping team will weigh you and give you very specific instructions, listen to them as if your life depends on it, actually it does, so pay attention at all times.
Ask questions if you’re not sure – Don’t be too frightened to speak up if you don’t understand something, the instructors are friendly and they want you to relax, if you have any doubts now’s the time to raise your voice, no matter how dumb you think the question is.
Enjoy the view! The chances are you won’t though. You’ll be doing all you can trying to hold your breakfast down, some people like to shut their eyes, others try to focus on the horizon during the jump, as you whip through the air at ridiculous speed find a viewpoint you feel comfiest with.
Bask in the glory – Brag as much as you like after the event. You’ve just jumped off a bridge over a chasm with an elasticated cord tied to your feet, you deserve all the kudos you get!

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