Products made by Holy Island Crafts using our natural ropes

Holy Island Crafts made using our natural ropes

They say, ‘Don’t give up your day job!’. But back in 2020, that’s exactly what Pat Tidy did. She quit her job in the nearby town to launch her own crafts business – and she’s never looked back since!

It all started as a result of the pandemic.

As for most people, it was a time of real soul-searching and reflection for Pat. Soon, the uncertainty and angst of the situation crystallised into the realisation that life is too short to waste, and it was time to do something really enjoyable. Hence, Holy Island Crafts was born.

Based on the beautiful Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Pat now spends her days handmaking a range of crafts – mostly detailed ropework pieces such as wall art crosses, holding crosses and coasters. And we’re delighted to say, she’s chosen us as her trusty rope supplier.

In her own words, her business may be a ‘tiny kitchen table start-up’, but her crafts have become a hit. Eager to learn more, we recently reached out for further insight into Pat’s fabulous ropework pieces and exactly how they’re made using our natural ropes.


Ropework handmade with love, care and attention to detail

Plus a few balls of our jute rope and cotton cord.

All of Pat’s ropework has been inspired by living, working and worshipping on Holy Island. Most of the designs have a nautical theme; inspired by the working harbour, filled with coils of rope, nets, buoys and lobster pots. Whilst others are a nod to the island’s Celtic heritage.

Each piece is hand-knotted using traditional rope working techniques – which would have been used by fishermen on the island through the ages – and a variety of natural rope materials. Primarily, our very own jute rope, braided cotton rope and cotton cord.

She currently has two main ropework pieces to choose from.


Wall art crosses

Two designs are available – a traditional cross and a Cuthbert’s cross – in two sizes, small and large. Both are woven from jute and cotton, and can be made in different combinations (i.e. with a different number of strands of each rope) to create a range of stunning visual effects.


Coasters and Coffee/Teapot mats

These are also available in two distinct designs. One based on a traditional Carrick bend, often used on ships to protect woodwork. The other on a flattened, classic Turk’s Head knot. Whichever option you choose, both are crafted from natural jute and can be bought individually or in sets.

Coasters made using our jute rope


Also within the ropework collection, you’ll find seasonable products (such as Christmas stars), earrings, keyrings and fridge magnets. Detailed, bespoke projects – such as the fascinating ropework crown pictured below – can also be crafted upon request!

Crafts made from our natural rope materials


Why jute rope and cotton cord?

For craft and handiwork projects, natural ropes – such as jute ropes and cotton ropes and cords – are always a great choice. You only have to look at the amazing products made by Holy Island Crafts to see that!

But why do they do the job so well?

  • They’re gentle on the hands

Soft to the touch and incredibly lightweight.

Jute and cotton are comfortable to handle, without compromising on strength or durability. Even if you’re completing a time-consuming or complex craft project, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • They’re great for knotting

Natural ropes are very flexible and demonstrate excellent knotability. As such, they’re easy to manipulate into whatever shape you wish and, once you’ve tied a knot, it’ll stay firmly in place.

That’s why they’re often used to make home décor items and fashion accessories.

  • They look good

Thanks to their natural fibres, both jute and cotton ropes have an attractive, natural appearance. But if you do wish to mix things up, they can also be hand-dyed in any colour to suit your preferences.

  • They’re kind to the planet

Jute and cotton are 100% sustainable, biodegradable and compostable.

This makes them a viable choice for businesses – like Holy Island Crafts – who strive to consider the environment in all aspects of their business and make environmentally friendly choices.


Give the gift of ropework

Fallen in love with Pat’s ropework as much as we have?

Whether you’d like to treat yourself or give someone a lovely gift – perhaps for their baptism or ordination, or just to let them know they’re in your thoughts and prayers – why not take a look through the full collection and see which design catches your eye?

Handmade to order, they take a while to craft and customers are encouraged to get involved with the planning stage as much as possible – to ensure you’re completely happy with the final piece!

To get started on yours, you can place an order directly via email, message or phone call. And see their Facebook page @Holy Island Crafts for details. Or better still, simply visit the beautiful island and choose your favourite ropework masterpiece from the selection available at the gift shop at Lindisfarne Heritage Centre.

Here at RopesDirect, we’re always amazed by the diverse range of ways that customers use our rope. We think you’ll agree, the products made at Holy Island Crafts are particularly impressive – but we’re eager to learn more.

If you’ve also used our natural ropes recently, please don’t hesitate to drop us a message. We’re always delighted to read your reviews and see photographs of our products in action. Plus, promoting your interests as a small business is just as important to us as promoting our own.

Either submit a testimonial using our online form or send an email to today.

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